Greatness and One Volcanic Inner Circle Insight

Authoring five blogs doesn’t make you a writer, unless you believe it will, though it is a very decent start.

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Investing your energy writing the first few chapters of your book, at a beach while sitting in your air-conditioned van, doesn’t make you a writer. Although you could convince yourself, that was a great self expression and supportive of my “I’m a writer” self concept.

Write a few hundred words a day, evangelizes Sean Ogle, much more than a freelance writer at

Writing.. a great habit to partake in, can help you become more of who you were born to be, if you have the propensity.

I like to share great insights with the world, it’s a great way for me to hone and improve my writing skills; that I may continually think of myself as: “yes,I’m a writer”

From Bob Burgs Go-Giver podcast then I want to circulate into the universe,
a very intelligent insight which can be a game changer for you.

The “law of circulation” incidently is a dynamic law of prosperity, so I’m sharing two excellent insights,why not seize the moment right?

Bob was dialoguing with Don Yaeger, where through Bob’s super mindfull question asking, Don shared a truth that embedded it’self in my unconscious immediately.
This is so significant an insight that my fingers could stop typing and my mind couldn’t stop organizing words into a coherent blog post, that I could spread this great idea like a virus.

Great people never outperform their inner circle. So great people are always looking to improve their inner circle, so they can grow.

Such eloquence and simplicity! This powerful insight clicked loudly in my inner realm. I have the faith to believe that, it could uber someone’s mental capital to their next “okay what’s next” posture, and open the door to new momentum, as it certainly did for me.

Who can you become going forward? How can you create a legacy?

How can I better impact the world? Who could this influence in a very positive way? were some of the questions I asked myself, so signing into wordpress was my next right move.

Believe it and achieve it!

Who’s in your inner circle that you’ve outgrown?

The Bob Burg interviewing Don Yaeger podcast:

127 What Brings Greatness?


Peter Horrill!

P.s. if you were stirred by these words, please share this post and consider me for a guest writer for your blog, or freelance projects, thankyou!

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