Psych Yourself In.. Talk Your Walk..

Our incredible consciousness will yield to us whatever we SOULfully intend, provided we align with the laws of mind, being and our cosmic universe. If we’ve conceived ourselves consciously, or even more importantly subconsciously, as victims, we’ve psyched ourselves out.

We’ve always always got our “I AM” power, even when we’ve seemingly given it away. I AM power is Victory power. We can choose I AM and I have, over I’m not and I don’t have – in the blink of an eye. It just takes a decision is what is meant by that. Following through with a new “come from” (victory consciousness) is what’s required.

Recently, my SOUL decided I needed to rethink myself as the thinker of my thoughts. It was a very challenging experience. I’d been allowing my personality to over-ride my SOUL prior to that. The result was dysfunction, poor decision making and chaos in my life. I had already been what I’ve been mentored to recognize as a “victim of time and space via the human condition”; this “personality over SOUL” amplified and expanded on that even more.

We are BORN to prosper (at least) ten thousand people, and their prosperity can and will prosper us when we assume the consciousness of being a beneficial presense on the planet. This means “dynamic participation” from each of us, vs
the socially hypnotic acceptance of mediocrity. That can be challenging to recognize as we’re trained to identify with mediocrity from government policy, to social and corporate compliance through to religious doctrine, through to mass media programming. That last phenomenon especially challenges our critical thinking skills.

Mindfullness is not enough! One has to have an active, growing, strengthening spiritual practise to remember “who and what we really are”, ie” magnificent creators vs “willing victims of time and space conditionality”.

Our consciousness is INCREDIBLE. It’s the most beautiful miracle of existence! We’re not here to suffer the slings and arrows of bad fortune; rather we’re here to contribute, to realize we are the “organizing intelligent energy of our I AMness”. Let’s not be biten by the “fear bug” of the pandemic, or any factors of the human condition. We are BORN of spiritual heritage; a beautiful ONENESS, of love, of nobility, of creativity, of benevolence, of kindness, of innovation and creative alchemy!

Let’s transmute our frustrations via better choices. This takes resolve and awareness. Leveraging our leveragable resources, inner and outer, is what’s required. We can leverage for example our technology for investments, innovation, exploration and resourcefullness.

We can leverage our intelligence via masterminding wisdom and ideas.

We can leverage our highest self through faith and intelligent application of universal principal

We can leverage our money through online investments for example, to create multiple streams of income.

We can leverage our money and intellectual property via external and digital real estate and bodies of work.

We can leverage our I AMness most of all via curiosity, intuitivness, and the dynamic laws of prosperity.

We can leverage our time through mentorship and miracles consciousness. (yes miracles are divine time savers)

We can leverage our time and buisness acumen via leveraged sales and direct selling.

Psyching ourselves out is just not cool when we have all this going for us and in view of the fact of who and what we really are as spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in the human form. Know thyself. Be still and know that I AM here says the lord of hosts.

We can be a host to Spirit as in the Holy Spirit, OR we can be a hostage to our egos, as the Dr. Wayne Dyer taught us. To psych ourselves IN, is really to live from spirit which created us. The ego did not create us. It’s a poor alternateive to abundance too.

If this resonated with you, please share this blog post. I’m being the change I want to see in this world. If you believe the liberating premise of this blog post, please show it some love and share it with people still not conscious of who they really are.

Thanks, all abundance and total consciousness to you!


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