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Activate Your Ideals!

February 2, 2020

We cannot be afraid to make mistakes; rather we need to stand TALL in our silent power while activating our ideals.

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Our ideal life is an individual expression of the infinite presence within us. The outworking of that expression can be continued or plateaued at any time.

We can transcend circumstance or be hypnotized from it. Transcending is the path to activating ideals. Gratitude is the path to activating ideals. Faith and action is the path to activating ideals. Belief is the path to activating ideals. Action is the path to activating ideals. Seeking greatness is the path to activating ideals.

Our ideal realization invite us into the land of love and victory. It doesn’t matter your country of origin, your gender, your age, sexual orientation, fears, obstacles, gifts, personality, character or character potential, education, background, upbringing, history, or status.

Prosperity is for everyone. We change, we grow, we adapt, we adopt new beliefs, we evaluate, we immerge, we radiate, we receive, we give, we transform, we transmute. Everyone has the right to live their ideal life. Happiness isn’t easy, but it comes through true desired ideals lived, and true awareness honored. To thine own self be true. We have to know who “self” is.

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Standing TALL Within Your Silent Power

January 29, 2020

Prosperity I’ve found is waking up from the hypnotic trance that “we’re not enough”; that your powerless to help yourself. This is simply not true.

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“There is no right or wrong, only true or false” as my friend and mentor Michael B Beckwith puts it. [ I’m a keen student of his teachings and support the Agape Spiritual Community. I’ve never had the priveledge to meet him yet.]

What’s false my friends is accepting less than dignity and prosperity consciousness. Being a rock in Standing TALL is practicing the greatest of faith in oneself. It’s not a level playing field; having extreme benevolence and compassion for oneself, will enable us to stand TALL by choice.

We are a free community, and we must proactively guard our minds and hearts from
disempowering beliefs. Our “silent power” is love itself in all in many splendored forms.
Choosing original paths instead of popular, familiar traditional paths is often our intelligent choice.
Choosing to clear a path that is unfamiliar, until it becomes familiar, is energetically possible because the spiritual energy comes up from within.

Weeds or dandelions don’t know about concrete of rock walls or areas! They just obey their life urge their life design. They find a way to grow! They STAND TALL

Unusually TALL strong, kids just want to grow and be embraced by love, and give love on others!

Our god given destiny is to grow without encumbrance, yet we find ways to “dumb-it-down”, through our thinking.

When expressing through your individuality, we are going to make poor choices at times. Sometimes the poor choices will detour us to strengthen our character weaknesses; though this isn’t why we make the choices!
Peer pressure will try to make you feel small, if you’ve high self esteem, the effect can be you’ll rise or stand TALL like a rock.

Standing TALL is a skill. Hold your ground; stand firm. We teach people how to treat us. Standing TALL works.
Be authentic about it. Folding like a wall mart lawn chair won’t help you maintain your power.

When you’re in group conversations, such as at conventions, stand TALL and don’t move. I know it sounds weird, but people take notice and treat you different.

If you’re interacting in a challenging way on social media, stand TALL if you in truth. People will see that you have substance and respect it.

If you don’t know about standing TALL, comment below and I can send you practical advice.



Do You Like (Your) Consciousness?

January 23, 2020

It’s a good question, isn’t it? It’s a contrarian question. It’s a question worthy of a definitive answer.

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Do you like hanging out with YOU? Our thoughts are things. Our thoughts are our destiny our thoughts are prayers and requests for our future. We live in the “outer realm” and we live in our “inner realm”. It’s really important that we choose our thoughts and paradigm to prosper us.

To make our inner life more real than our outer life, is a priviledge.
It’s good to admit to ourselves that we can accept ourselves even though there
are areas we don’t like about ourselves.

High self esteem is the journey of consciousness, liking as “consciousness” is the result of understanding we ARE consciousness. Our work is to transcend the datasphere. It may be difficult to grasp this, if we want to enjoy our inner life we have to get really good at creating vacuums for prosperity with our thoughts and mind. Success happens twice, first in the mind then on the physical plane.

Have you ever given thought to seeing yourself as “consciousness”? It’s a truth that really opens up our thoughts and allows us to release our inner splendor.

We can view ourselves as a walking meditation,
we can view ourselves as our thoughts are our asking and inviting our future,
we can view ourselves as willing and yes to our energy,
we can see ourselves as prosperity rivers,
we can see ourselves as a conduit for spiritual energy,
we can see ourselves as DESIRE FOR GOOD.

All the above are viewpoints from within consciousness. All are healthy. Prosperity rivers is our goal.

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Intend that Your Prosperity is “Riverlike”

January 22, 2020

I’ve been a student of energy for a few years now. For the last four months I’ve been creating content and prosperity online through my efforts.

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Energy is “supposed to flow to us and through us”. This encourages us to think of and believe in energy as a “river”

Can you envision your own energy this way?

The lower vibrations block our “prosperity river”; the highest vibrations “comprise” our Prosperity rivers. We want to be “high vibrational beings”

This blog post is going to help someone think of their prosperity in a new way.
Some reading this post is going to have a shift. This post will cause you to “shift the way you regard or view your prosperity”

Imagine you could lift the top of your skull off your head. Pretty radical eh?
Truly, just envision yourself where you are created such that you can remove your own lid. Next, imagine clean, clear, pure energy is flowing down through the top of your head, and into your neck area. Visualize it, FEEL it flowing down through your chest, your arms, your abdomen, your legs, and right to your feet.
That’s the first step. Good. Okay.. that was to picture ourselves as “energy containers”. Now, imagine yourself as an energy transmitter, and you release your energy through words, through your gesture, through emotions, through actions, through energy expended. Good, that’s step two..
Step three, imagine the energy in rooms, in the ethers, in crowded spaces, in the datasphere flowing into and then through you. Our work is “to allow it to flow”. Don’t block it, don’t resist it. Allow it, say “yes” to it.

Let it flow throw ideas, through conversation, through writing, through
self expressions, music, dance, painting, drawing, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial endeavors.

Let it FLOW. Stay out of your own way. if your vibrational escrow lowers, raise it back up immediately. High vibrations across all life areas create prosperity.
Curiosity instead of anger, works, Awe instead of frustration works. Laughter instead of seriousness works.

Prosperity is supposed to be like a river. let’s ensure our rivers are free of stoppages. Evaluate self. Study the laws of prosperity. Become a critical thinker.

Thanks.. be mindful of your energy!


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Still Your Mind and Just Be..

January 21, 2020

There are several paradigms of thought on meditation circulating in the datasphere; meditating has come mainstream in the last five decades.

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Transcendental meditation teachers are sought out, new age meditation teachers are developing thriving platforms, and spiritual centers host weekly meditations in their sunday morning celebrations.

Meditation “makes us better at living” teaches Emily Fletcher author and meditation educator and entrepreneur.

A straight back chair, or firm chair which keeps the back straight, or perhaps sitting up straight on a platform of choice, will likely yield best results.

The idea being just to concentrate on your breathe. Focus on your breathe.
If (when) the mind wonders, gently bring your focus back to your breathe.
Insist that your body stay put, this is self discipline. Intend a lazer focus on your inner stillness with your breathe as “the gateway”.

Breathe deeply. Take full breathes. You can plug one nostril on the intake and exhale through the opposite nostril on exhale, to stir up efficiency of this practice.

Discipline yourself to intend a minimum of fifteen minutes of meditation, I recommend going for thirty minutes at each sitting.

Intend as if after a few minutes of communing with your inner stillness,
you’re going to meet a dignitary YOU once you connect with your innate divinity.

This is your essence that’s guided and supplied you with every resource, choice, option, result and every manifestation you’ve asked from it. Your essence is that which our I AM calls forth in each experience of life, each choice, each path, each mistake, each screw up, each reset, each new body we experience; our body at every age of our lives is difference than the previous version, even though it may look strikingly similar

Our I AM and our focus unite in this practice. I call this our “infinite self”
It becomes the new point of attraction. All else fades into nothingness, thoughts which are no longer fed by attention soon become disempowered, and fade.

We are free to intentionally focus on our empowering vision, as it displaces that which we have released from our body mind.

Conscious, subconscious and super conscious mind then align with the goal,
we cease living in the past and now empower and experience our future in the now.

This is the path, we are creatures of a new mind, and new thought circuitry, and our flowers bloom; our light shines.

We can also meditate for “micro minutes” and reap effective results. I’ve done this for more than a decade now. The technique is extremely simple; we roll our eyes up to the top of our head, as if we choose to look up from within the top of our skulls. this emulates the four comrades that lowered the paralyzed man down through the roof of the house as Jesus spoke

Look up toward the stars and think “I don’t know how I (state your goal as complete) imagining your self in cosmic space among the celestial bodies, and a brilliant white light of luminosity connects with you at your core, and then
you allow yourself to descend back into the crown of your head and your body.
We complete the discipline with saying or thinking silently: I only know I AM so now, and I AM fulfilled.” This is the blessing and end of the discipline.

We can do this in less than a minute, it’s results are super confidence building.

It’s also a discipline which no one can ever rob us of. It works by virtue of the theta brainwave. It’s a slower brainwave than the alpha brainwave. The results from this practice are truly opulent.

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Prosperity is Only For The Highest Good

January 17, 2020

We can enjoy and consciously, with integrity, demonstrate prosperity only to the extent that we understand the laws of prosperity and apply them.

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Prosperity is only for the highest good is a principle of high functionality.
It’s mindful consciousness of wisdom and awareness applied as demonstration on the physical plane. The highest possible good; the optimal results.

I learned something today, that our words can be taken out of context, and it’s best to pray for someone, or write a letter of blessing to their angel.

Lesson learned. We can’t change people, we have to change ourselves. We have to return to love. This path isn’t always the way our logical minds see it. It rarely is. It’s the path of the heart, plus it’s the path of principle.

A close friend of mine once said to me, I’m a real true friend to you Peter.
I believe him. He’s doing the best he can with the consciousness he has.

We can see other peoples blind spots. What’s obvious to us, won’t be obvious to friends, family or people. It’s what makes us unique.

Prosperity asks us to be mindful of our highest good. It’s a beautiful door inward into our divinity.

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See Yourself In Your True Light

January 12, 2020

Many authors, speakers and writers iterate the same narrative and put their own reality on it.

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I really emphatically urge you to do some critical thinking about what you really have and who you really are. I’ll give you some new (perhaps) parameters to consider that already factor into your self conceptions. Yes we all have a major self concept which wasn’t meant to be a fixed perspective. So they are a collage of self perceptions that coagulate into a self concept. Your mind is an electronic switching station for all the existing and possible new self concepts.

The challenge we face today is being besieged by millions of negative memes, that “influence us in the brain conceptualization functionality”

There are influences beyond your control that are so insidious we think these are “normal environmental factors” when in reality most are negative mind viruses. Positive mind viruses can be created to counter point and devitalize the negative ones.

my prosperity mentors list the predominant negative mind viruses on his blog,
so instead of going specific I’ll recommend doing your due diligence to research the memes that can limit your thinking and self concept.

An excellent resource to do research is my friends Randy Gage’s Prosperity blog and online store
I own the prosperity CD’s, The Midas Mentally home study program and more..

It’s a time proven authentic resource for Prosperity students!

There are numerous excellent tools too expand your consciousness and thwart the mind viruses. Randy’s blog is incredibly relevant for us truth and prosperity seekers. One book on mind viruses he wrote and I recommend is “Why You’re Dumb Sick and Broke and How to Get Smart, Healthy and Rich”. Go to Randy’s online store above for some great resources to help you awaken.

Back to the blog post topic..

To truly see yourself in your true light, you have to be open to receive your good..

If our belief systems are plagued with negative memes, (limiting negative beliefs) we cannot receive our good; our Prosperity.

“Good stoppers” beliefs that block our good, are like “ghost ideas” or memes placed in your mind through environment. These are beliefs that aren’t serving our highest good.

I call them “good stoppers” as they are designed to keep you in lack, limitation and mediocrity or worse poverty. NEGATIVE MEMES BLOCK YOUR GOOD.

When we can see the “hidden order” of negative memes and how they affect our “self perception and self concept”, we can then clearly see ourselves much closer to our true light.

In the next blog post, we’ll talk about a particular set of brain waves that we can immerse ourselves in, to become more of our prosperous selves we were meant to experience.

Share the post, like the blog and follow it if this content made sense to you.

Until the next blogpost grow your consciousness!


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Your Energy is Your Spiritual Economics!

January 11, 2020

A Unity Reverend wrote a book called Spiritual Economics before he graduated school house earth.  The book is worth a read and re-read; it avails many spiritual truths to us as cosmonauts in present day life.

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Our energies that we create through our major and micro self concepts will reflect who we subconsciously believe ourselves to be, whether we’re aware of it or not.

This is where we get to recreate ourselves, sculpt ourselves and become the architect of our own life. It’s a simple process yet not easy.

The vacuum law of prosperity allows us to swap out old beliefs that block our prosperity for new beliefs that empower us.

Two of the landmark beliefs in my current spiritual landscape was adopting these two beliefs: 1) the mind is an instrument for poverty OR prosperity,
AND 2) my creator wants me to be rich.

These two beliefs became the foundation of my emergence from the potentiality of the quantum field as “Peter of prosperity consciousness”. One has to do the inner work.

The enlightened soul understands they can drop old beliefs like an old garment and put on new beliefs just as you discard old clothing for new.

That’s spiritual context taking care of spiritual content. This is spiritual economics in plain words.

The untruth of what you see is what you get is a mind virus of Roman empire-like epochs. That too was temporal, as all cultures are. The british empire was brought down by one humble man named Ghandi, whose non violent ways radiated from am almost pure consciousness of love and peace.

If consciousness has that kind of potentiality then ours does too. We have the power to shapeshift our energies; we have the power to adopt new beliefs. It’s our innate divinity, and if we choose not to choose, we’ve missed the mark of Prosperity.

Spiritual Economics is for every person to utilize. It’s principles are so strong, any circumstance can be transcended, with right mindedness and intentionality.

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Born for Greatness!

January 7, 2020

The mindful soul has to do much self reflection to grow and expand his consciousness. The areas of development are forgiveness, self forgiveness, love and self love. Credit to my friend Ray Williams for this train of thought!

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The first two areas of good character are forgiveness and self forgiveness. These are the most challenging areas of a prosperous soul. Meditation, learning and then knowing the truth of who we are as spiritual beings, helps us to understand and know forgiveness and self forgiveness are our birthright.

Forgiveness is self care. Self forgiveness is essential self care. A critical realization is understanding that we are here to transcend our own ignorance.

High self esteem is everything. Self love self nurturing, self care and self forgiveness really are difference makers.

Faith it until you make it. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Standing STILL like a rock. Be the rock you were born to be.

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Generate Original Thoughts!

December 29, 2019

My Prosperity coach recommends and guides his students to becoming bold, daring, imaginative, original and UNconventional.

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We are original blessings! We are beings; we are artists! Yet some folks including myself perhaps have lived and entire lifetime,
and never have an original thought.
What a difference the human race could make, if the entire globe “became a mega mass of original thoughts”!

Steve Jobs did it with Apple, Michael B Beckwith created or invented Agape International Spiritual Center. Henry Ford insisted on created the “horseless carriage”, the Wright Brothers KNEW that man was meant to fly, and gave us our wings!

People dedicate live their entire lives for God, and some give zero CONSCIOUS thought to “original thought consciousness”..
Artists, poets and thought leaders generate new exciting original thoughts frequently! It’s an artform to them!

I think about original thought consciousness consciously more and more. This path challenged me in wonderful ways. Creating vacuums of space in my mind by releasing old archaic beliefs, opened the door for me to prosper.

The vacuum law of prosperity is critical to becoming an original thinker.

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