UNconditionality is Possible

Reading a blog post this week, was this phraseology: “People purchase more books that they can read, to move closer in heart to

the infinite”. This chimed with “genuine truth” in my energy. I’ve many unread as yet books in my home library. Having thought infrequently wow, that’s a lot of reading to do. So that phraseology above made a lot of sense to me being an avid student of truth and of the heart of the infinite.

A major step perhaps to becoming “UNconditional ISness”; (that which we REALLY are) is to cease having thought ABOUT our various life experiences, in favor of “experiencing” all our emotions, all our feelings, all our body responses from circumstances, experiencing everything as it happens.

Yes, we must embrace and allow the good, the bad, and the not so pleasant content, our subconscious minds generate. It’s this spiritual practice that allows us to become “master gardeners of our minds”

Releasing the habits of forming opinions, thoughts, fears, unconscious resistance about all things that bubble up from the well of consciousness within, AND what our five senses manufacture as our story, is what we are to do to embrace, to experience UNconditionality. A willingness to embrace life allows us and affords us a quality stream of pure consciousness.

A mature spiritual practice of meditation, self inquiry, prayer alone and in groups, tithing, critical thinking, reading and creativity, are all components to spirit springing into action, through consciousness. Our work is to purify our loving and joyful participation in life.

The ego, which is unexamined perceptions, does it’s best to “limit our perceptions and magnitude”. It’s part of “the personality ethic”. it puts our SOULFUL self in an energetic head-lock. When we begin to ask ourselves quality question like “what does love want, what does gratitude want, what does prosperity want, what does joyful participation want, what does compassion want, what does reverential awareness want, what does happiness want, what does abundance want, what does true fulfillment want, what does our infinitude want”? These are the qualities of the SOULFUL SELF. It’s meant to be driving our intentions and actions, thoughts and feelings.

As our awareness grows and matures, so does our vibration become oriented to divine presence. Then we are no longer “conditionally based”; we become free-er and free-er and free-er. Ideally we become vibrationally based, we can think independent of all circumstances, and we come to experience “Spiritual Liberation.”

Distractions become less of a factor, as we embrace and explore our interiority; our innate divinity. We’re not externality based; we’ve become internality based. Our reverential attention devoted to our divine presence within. That which breathes us; must evolve from the awareness that we are “being breathed”. The primary idea that spirit is our breathe, is the core belief premise.

We recognize the spirit as our breathe. Then we recognize that we are “being breathed”, essentially by spirit, indeed that spirit is breathing us. This is the now moment miracle and magnificence of life. We can only breathe now; or presently. We cannot breathe in the past or future. Therefor we must be willing to live in each now moment, to be fully conscious.

If this content resonated with you, hit the share buttons and show it some love. Until the next blogpost, think about how internality based you can become! This will accelerate your Prosperity consciousness.

Radical Gratitude!



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