The Deeper Mind..

How often do you acknowledge when you are in “deeper mind mode” vs “surface mind mode”? Can you honestly answer that question? You should be able to. We’re endowed as humans with two minds, that give us access to a greater mind. The greater mind has been known as Divine mind, the super-conscious mind, infinite intelligence, the cosmic mind, the mind of God, spirit mind, and these are names of “the greater mind” that reflect maybe a very few of the global cultures.

Our brains are our thought vibration centers of our mind. Our bodies are the the organ of our SOUL (as I was taught in philosophy 101) Feel free to write a blogpost, article or even a book on the deeper mind topic like this if you wish to express your viewpoint. People’s prosperity depends in part on a working knowledge of how their mind is perceived, and to clear up any blocks that may be a puzzle part to their experiencing prosperity.

We have to challenge our “belief limitations” effectively, to expand our consciousness in an “intentional, conscious way”. Limiting beliefs are housed, get stuck in, and parasitize the deeper mind. That is to say to experience conscious living. The conscious mind serves several roles. It’s role we’re all familiar with is “navigating through time and space”, and “being the physical sight with physical ears” surface and at times survival part of the brain. (Credit to Randy Gage for the phraseology of “parasitize”.)

The deeper mind is designed to attune to “the infinite”; more or less to be “the portal inlet and outlet to Divine mind”. The deeper mind is such a vast mind, that it houses the “I AM” (SPIRIT) of each of us, in each of us, and turns the body into the mind in the activity of memory and “auto-pilot habit” functionality. Our job is to keep our “body temples” free (deeper minds) of any and hopefully all, toxic energy, old archaic beliefs that no longer serve us, clear out old emotional wounds, hang ups that may have snagged our conscious mind, and generally all energies stuck in the body, that might be hindering our evolution.

If we choose to consciously evolve, a good working knowledge of the conscious, subconscious deeper minds, as well as the “super conscious” minds make the function of conscious living practicle. This blog post is to your awareness of the different minds each individual has, as the “introduction” is to a book. It sets the knowledge linkage in place, to explore further with a foundation of “mind-infastructure”, our mind, body, spirit connection.

If you resonated with this blog post and found value in it, please share it via social media on your digital devices and apps. In the next blog post, we’ll explore more about the mind/body/spirit connection. Until then, please comment to let me know your thoughts! Thanks.



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