Give Your Thinking Some Thought!

BEing precedes doing and results, it never succeeds it. BEing just expands from results.

If we don’t intend our BEingness, we’re at the mercy of circumstances. Circumstances ARE Results. Results if they drive you, will program YOU.

We want to turn this around, and program our MINDS, for success. This will drive results. Then we’re at the wheel. Let’s THINK about our “thinking”.

Let’s INTEND our results; through discerning and intending our habits.

If we get this wrong, our habits “intend US”. This is “auto-pilot”. We don’t want to allow this to happen. Auto-pilot is self sabotage. Living intentionally is BEing “the architect” of our lives. Freedom is the goal. Sovereignty is the goal. Let’s not let the world of effects determine our intentions for us.

Ultimately, the goal is “energy management” Inner energy management.

Let’s starts with our thoughts, we can choose our thoughts; we can choose our habits. We choose our character in choosing thoughts and habits.

The greater yet to be is always Unfolding, will you let that happen?


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