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Give Your Thinking Some Thought!

June 5, 2020

BEing precedes doing and results, it never succeeds it. BEing just expands from results.

If we don’t intend our BEingness, we’re at the mercy of circumstances. Circumstances ARE Results. Results if they drive you, will program YOU.

We want to turn this around, and program our MINDS, for success. This will drive results. Then we’re at the wheel. Let’s THINK about our “thinking”.

Let’s INTEND our results; through discerning and intending our habits.

If we get this wrong, our habits “intend US”. This is “auto-pilot”. We don’t want to allow this to happen. Auto-pilot is self sabotage. Living intentionally is BEing “the architect” of our lives. Freedom is the goal. Sovereignty is the goal. Let’s not let the world of effects determine our intentions for us.

Ultimately, the goal is “energy management” Inner energy management.

Let’s starts with our thoughts, we can choose our thoughts; we can choose our habits. We choose our character in choosing thoughts and habits.

The greater yet to be is always Unfolding, will you let that happen?


Understand Evil to Disempower It

June 3, 2020

If evil continues to go unacknowledged, it cannot be dealt with or eradicated. George Floyd was murdered by a man in uniform, that should not have been either in uniform or police employment.

It’s Unfathomable how at least two other police officers, stood by and allowed the killing to happen. As police officers, are they not trained to

prevent one of the worst and most violent crimes? We must recognize evil for what it is; evil.

Recognize it in our consciousness, individually and collectively. It has to STOP. Evil acts by people-in-uniform is BEYOND being totally Unacceptable.

Our greatest EVIL is Unconscious people in positions of authority. We have to and CAN do a better job of policing our own beliefs, thoughts, ideas, feelings and participations.

A black life was taken in America – again – by “asleep” police officers and it caused civil unrest – AGAIN -.

Martin Luther King would vie to be the presiding judge in the case against

the irresponsible ones.

More importantly, we have to recognize evil for evil, as a humanity. The entire globe’s heart goes out to the Floyd family. George’s kids will never see their father again because of a police officer’s perhaps unrandom act of evil.

We need to understand evil, then it CANNOT covertly exist in our minds and hearts, let alone in the people-of-uniform community, OR any other community.

I believe it begins with poverty of imagination, mind and heart. We have to do much better. We are vastly capable of doing much better!

Our hearts go out to the entire black community, the Floyd family, and the people-of-uniform that represent LOVE vs hatred.

Peace be with you.

There’s no evil in the mind of the infinite divine mind, let’s not try to add evil to it.

Share your thoughts; peace-be-with-you..