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Have You Done The Midas Touch Course?

April 11, 2020

Investing in Randy’s Midas Touch home study course is truly a life changing and a mindset improving experience! I’ve gone through this course and am re-studying it now. I’m literally thrilled to have it in my library of home study, mindset improving courses!

Randy Gage, the study course author, is a Prosperity mentor of world class NOW.

This wasn’t always the case, Randy lived in lack consciousness and victimhood mentality for the first three decades of his life.
He IS a classic “from poverty to prosperity” story¬†where he became a self taught millionaire by age thirty five, by choice.

In the Midas Touch home study course, he shares the principles through which Randy transformed his consciousness into an authentic Prosperity consciousness.


Self actualized as a millionaire, Randy attaining his goal to become a millionaire by that age of thirty five, could now demonstrate “Victory consciousness” achieved! All this to say that Randy Gage is very well qualified to teach us about the Midas Touch philosophy.

The study course contents:

Thirty cd’s as this is a thirty day program. One cd for each day, for thirty consecutive days. There’s a new prosperity lesson everyday.

You’ll also receive a workbook, to emphasize the key principles of each days lesson. It may ask you to list five things in your life around a new prosperity principle, OR describe how your mindset, memory and thinking was affected before and after learning the new prosperity principle

There are five dvd’s also. Dvd number one to start the program before you listen to any cd’s. (I also viewed the three additional dvd’s before doing the thirty cd study course and workbook homework) Don’t listen to the thirty cd’s in your car! They are meant to be listened to at home, in the morning, to set the tone for the day!
When the thirty day cd and homework work is completed, there is one more dvd to watch before (after you do the thirty cd’s in thirty days). Watching the three dvd’s again is an excellent idea to conclude the training! There’s such great insights in those three dvd’s, be sure YOU view them at least twice the first time through the course.

And for humour, creativity, and a total whole brain immersion, there is a “little Randy” software included as well, to give you a bit of wisdom every day.
It shows up when you restart your computer, or power it up in the morning. You’ll find “the little animated Randy character” either behind his “jet desk” or in a viper like sports car racing off your computer screen to give you a whole brain picture of his character! Haha, it’s really cool!

Back to the study course though ..

There is also a workbook, to co-ordinate with and re-enforce each days cd audio lesson. Most of them ask us to write out examples of the lesson being taught, and or asks can we identify where in our lives was the opposite true, to give us contrast.

Some of the daily topics are:

Forgiveness, harmony, successful endeavors, reprogramming your subconscious mind, the freedom to excel, the power of influence, the principle of attraction, a faith filled outlet, practicing creativity for prosperity, abundant health, expecting good, the miracle of tithing, receiving the riches,
creating prosperity vacuums, and more!

These are really excellent and relevant topics which will transform your consciousness over the 30 day period!

I really enjoy the three dvd’s in the dvd packet included in the course, they are “excerpts” from a Prosperity power weekend seminar Randy conducted before creating the Midas Touch program.

The Midas Touch program is well worth the investment! Your consciousness will
transform in thirty days with consistent, dedicated study. I highly recommend investing in this program, and doing the work it calls for, if you want to have a greater chance of attracting prosperity by right of consciousness!

Randy has a very good quote, which goes like this: Our minds are instruments for poverty OR Prosperity, but not both. It’s kindred belief is Our creator wants us to be rich!

I’ve gone through the program probably four times now. I had some really stubborn prosperity blocks that I was able to release, through the use of this program. Your investment in it, will pay dividends in the years ahead. Thanks for reading and please share, if you found value in this blogpost!


Be Someone For Somebody; Be There For Yourself

April 1, 2020

Challenges will burn off all that isn’t divine; all that’s not “the real you”


Life will test your heart, your courage, and your desire to honor “self”.
What was temporal, or obsolete has to break away, or be broken away..

In a crisis, our character is revealed, tested and purified.. the dross is sloughed off, then the “essential self” shines through..
Who knew the corona virus would halt the globe as it did?

Where life and death are the stakes, the chains break when we transcend our collective fear. Meditate.. “be there for yourself”.. so you can be there,
for somebody.. yes people are dying, and some people are re-committing to life.

Some are playing to win, and some are still playing “not to lose”.. be there for somebody.. pay-it-forward.. and nurture yourself too.. just be there when someone’s fearful. Be there when someone’s overwhelmed, be there to be the calm, someone needs to feel..

It helps us to connect.. this helps us transcend that tyranny of being a victim of the environment; it allows us to create meaning in times of great challenge..

it’s a fabulous and appropriate time to cultivate new skills, learn a new language, connect with “self”, be someone for somebody, be someone for yourself.. give yourself an award.. experience that serenity.. cherish your awareness, recreate your vow to honor your creator and “self”..

it’s going to be a new earth when this quarantine is over.. the new earth is a new “mental location”; a new consciousness; a new authenticity.. embraced value of the soul connection.. there’ll be a renewed mindfulness and respect..

there’ll be new heights that we’ll aspire to and transcend.. people will “wake walk” vs “sleep-walk”.. then ..and we have to be careful about this.. the mindless will start to assert their mindlessness again.. love, harmony and peace
can only prevail now.. the veil as been lifted.. and rubbish has been discarded.. let’s do this new earth adventure.. let’s be about this. We’ve got this!

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