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Your Beliefs About Adversity Are Critical

March 13, 2020

What we believe about adversity governs the consequences of adversity. A friend of mine on facebook who’s a marketing leader, used this phraseology about adversity recently: “Make adversity profitable in character”

Napolean Hill

That made good sense to me. Not profitable in a financial way, although that’s good if you can, but in a character nurturing way; and a prosperity consciousness attracting way.

I had a major setback in all areas of life recently, that literally compelled me to embrace a very different kind of adversity. An adversity of a “temporary limited lifestyle”.

This adversity compelled me to get very resourceful. Happily, I had previously invested in many resources for self growth, that literally has allowed this to morph into an adventure of learning, critical thinking, self assessment and evolution.

Emotional resilience is also a harvest of prosperous thinking in adversity.
life affirming emotions will yield the energy for accomplishments. This will enable victory consciousness, a key component of prosperity consciousness.

For enduring inner security in the tests of adversity, a sound or even advanced knowledge of the laws of the mind, will equip you with beliefs that can help you transcend any challenge, of any duration.

The law of concentration and the laws of desire are both love. We have to ensure we are focused on the right endeavor however. Your circle of support is critical too. one of the most crucial qualities though, is the ability to release all the beliefs that don’t serve you anymore, AND to forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made, everyday, minute by minute at times.

Makes your emotions work for you versus buying into emotions of failure. we really can do what we believe we can and should be able to do. Give yourself forgiveness generously. Forgive others generously. love yourself, nurture yourself; always be aware of “the inner critic” of destruction. Keep your power; do not give it way.

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