Rethink Your Relationship To Fear

Capitalizing on life’s opportunities, requires seeing life’s opportunities. If all we feel is a wall, a positive outcome isn’t forthcoming.

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Challenge old fears. An excellent way to do this is ask yourself “if I did what frightens me, how would I show up in life. How would my life expand or improve?”

Let me give you an example from my own life. I used to really enjoy being a good communicator, two or three decades ago. Up until recently, I had inadvertently convinced my self “I’m not a great communicator, nor can I speak in a properly functional way”.

Yet I’ve spoken to audiences of a few hundred people twice in my life, without practicing!

So, I’ve reached an awareness, that the speaking events and current beliefs were a mismatch. These beliefs represented a “ceiling in my mind I found”.

Not. any. more.

I’m rethinking my entire consciousness, based on that false fear!

In anticipating “who we get to be; who we have the priviledge of growing into”,
rooting out our fears is probably the most challenging thing.

Co-creating our life with the life spirit is a big deal. I’ve woken up from “the programming” quite a bit, and continue to wake up every day.

Mental emancipation is truly the metric for freedom. We have to think about what we think about. Become the thinker of the thoughts; captain of our own mental domains.

Fear guards the gateway to our potential I’ve found. Where there is fear, go there mentally – at first, in a critical thinking way.

if that doesn’t make sense of the fears, expand your consciousness about the laws and rules of mind and being. Keep in mind the subconscious is the gateway to “universal mind”. Every thought that’s ever been thought before and known to man, even thoughts unknown to mankind, reside in universal mind, which is accessed through the subconscious mind.

Our minds are literally “a switching station”. They receives spiritual data and downloads, especially when sleeping and the conscious mind is well out of the way.

Be vigilant about fear finding. Search them out. Unrecognized fears cannot be challenged. We must change our relationship to fear! Befriend your fears; love your enemies. Fears may seem like enemies, when you love on them, they become our servants.

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