If We Lose Our Story, We Gain Our Power

All people who have achieved the impossible, or over achieved have done so because of their story vs become an “also ran”

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A consciousness bridge.. that’s how I’ll communicate what principle to apply..

We’d have to create a vision so compelling, so real, so attractive, so inviting and welcoming, that we dislike spending time in our “old story”. The old story – the old you in fact becomes “the stepping stone” to the new you.

It really helps to have the moral support system in place. The first part of the last decade I knew I wanted to move to the greater Toronto area, where I live now. having applied for four career positions in the first four years, waking up early, being alert, being aware, and being prepared finally paid off in the fifth year in.
Courier work had found a new driver to add to it’s industry. It was persistence and desire that won the victory, however it was preparation, anticipation, and expectation that were back of the next level of prosperity.

For the first year, I wanted to find something else. I went through three vehicles and sold a collection of hard to acquire coins just to stay afloat.

I wanted to start a travel business part time, and couldn’t devote time to it.
Then spirit told me “give up your story” and I did. That’s when things started to happen. I gave up the travel business idea, and committed to succeeding in courier work.

The power comes from giving up “our story”. We’re then free to create a “new model of reality”. Our minds are clear, we can go in full gear. Last year, I had to let go again. I didn’t realize it at the time; it was the result of a health challenge that came up from the stress of the work.

Re-creating oneself is never easy, but it’s worth it. Don’t honor your critics; honor your own soul. Giving up our story may seem like a weekend task; it’s not.
Often our inner resistance will make it much more challenging. It’s the resistance to our own resistance that can be challenging. Ego can really make it easy or difficult, depending on our vision and clarity.

Our power comes from the new vision and releasing the old one; our old story.

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