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Generate Original Thoughts!

December 29, 2019

My Prosperity coach recommends and guides his students to becoming bold, daring, imaginative, original and UNconventional.

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We are original blessings! We are beings; we are artists! Yet some folks including myself perhaps have lived and entire lifetime,
and never have an original thought.
What a difference the human race could make, if the entire globe “became a mega mass of original thoughts”!

Steve Jobs did it with Apple, Michael B Beckwith created or invented Agape International Spiritual Center. Henry Ford insisted on created the “horseless carriage”, the Wright Brothers KNEW that man was meant to fly, and gave us our wings!

People dedicate live their entire lives for God, and some give zero CONSCIOUS thought to “original thought consciousness”..
Artists, poets and thought leaders generate new exciting original thoughts frequently! It’s an artform to them!

I think about original thought consciousness consciously more and more. This path challenged me in wonderful ways. Creating vacuums of space in my mind by releasing old archaic beliefs, opened the door for me to prosper.

The vacuum law of prosperity is critical to becoming an original thinker.

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Expect More to Attempt More!

December 20, 2019

Victory has characterized this day! Let this be the Prosperity mantra of every Prosperity warrior!

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Gratitude journaling is a great way to stack your victories. We can compound our victory consciousness journaling every small victory that happens minute by minute.

Expecting more is an effect of envisioning yes, more for gratitude for what IS; this is the anchored catalyst in our mind.

Gratitude is the substance of the heart. High self esteem, feelings of deservedness, yes, these are all there. The spirit of gratitude and love in the heart is going to be present when we set our expectations, and then experience them.

The spirit of boldness, daring, imagination and adventure are there as well, gratitude is the springboard of willingness.

Gratitude is a foundational feeling choice, that expands our soul. Desire to an ungrateful soul will be squelched by the senses and intellect. No gratitude no willingness.

Spiritual Economics expands and comes to life when marinated in gratitude.

We can expect more choosing to experience gratitude. When we expect more we are going to attempt more. We are going to defy and disrupt the status quo more as well.

We cannot travel the globe, without first expecting to. Just as we don’t drive a repair prone vehicle, without expecting to do many costly repairs. We don’t play concert piano without the mega hours of practicing. We don’t become physically fit, without becoming health conscious.

We don’t go broke, if we are trusting trustworthy people, and we don’t scuba dive the ocean depths, if we never get trained to execute on that skill.

It’s a spiritual experience; we get what we focus on. We attract who we are.

Uplevel your gratitude, make it a thought precedent, and feel your willingness IQ rise. Feel your Prosperity IQ rise. Feel your energy levels rise. Feel your reverence levels rise. Feel your inner peace IQ rise. Feel your fulfillment levels rise. Feel your victory consciousness rise. Feel your health consciousness rise. Feel your heart capacity rise and increase. Feel your sense of increase rise. Feel your mental health levels and appreciation rise!

Gratitude is the springboard to rise!

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Honoring Stuart Wilde

December 19, 2019

I love Stuart Wilde. “Stuie” passed away in six years ago unfortunately. I always be grateful for his teachings of The Infinite Self and The Journey Beyond Enlightenment.

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I’ve been walking twice per day most days for the past few months. On my iPod is some of Stuarts teaching from the Enlightenment album. Stuart spoke about truth as being a lateral move not an upward move

I found this super intriguing. The truth is a lateral adjustment in perception, he taught. Lateral means “sideways to the front or back, left or right, up or down” It’s not horizontal and not vertical.

Truth is in the peripheral is what he was saying. I put the photo of the hummingbird to indicate those lateral directions. Truth is harmony. Harmony with source energy and harmony with all living beings. Stuart always taught and spoke about the truth; the Infinite Self.

The infinite self, truth and the quantum field also point to our human potential. R.I.P Stuart Wilde. You made an impact on my heart, my mind and my life. I think in terms of Infinite Self vs nature or God. Your legacy lives on through your followers Stuart. Thankyou.

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Toss Those Zeal-Blocker Glasses!

December 14, 2019

Do you want more life in your life? Toss your Zeal-Blocker Glasses! Just release them to the ethers life steam from a cappuccino brewer!

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  They are blocking your life force; your ZEAL! If everything is rainy weather to you, if the sunshine isn’t shining brightly within, drop those beliefs; you chose them!

“Those zeal blocker glasses” are memes that you’ve been infected with. They are like a computer virus, only viruses of the mind and life spirit!

There are millions and millions of memes floating in the ethers as IDEAS. They parasitize the mind and suck your enthusiasm out of you. Release those memes!
Think of those beliefs as “zeal blockers”; they are robbing you of your zest for life.

Release them like they are a fog on a mirror; wipe your mind clean of viruses with meditation and intention.

Just closing your eyes and going within and silently or out loud, say: “release.. release.. release.. release”.. for a few minutes or more..
your innate intelligence will initiate divine order, to clear your mind.

Your innate divinity knows what is for your highest good, trust it!

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This Powerful Meme is Outdated and Irrelevant

December 13, 2019

From the classic self improvement book: Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, four decades ago I extracted an idea; a concept with which I revolutionized my life.

This was the concept of “Big Self, little self”..

(the podcast included inclusive in this post discusses to enter “the door of fear”; it’s the gateway to our door of desire)

Have a listen..

Episode 283 of The Power Prosperity Podcast applies here in my experience. Let’s come from our greatness and have clearly defined goals and recognize our fears. Then we step THROUGH the door marked “fear”. This is door number one.

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Live from the big self to conquer your fear, the book inaudibly shouted! At the time I was reading it, I was twenty one years old.

I was considering applying for my first salaried position, which included a title! I was scared but excited about being selected.

I showed up for the interview as “my big self” . Even though in self dialogue I was bold, daring and audascious sometimes, and sometimes weak, intimidated, and unknowingly feeling inferior, in thought processes. I got selected for the position and literally failed my way to success! I made so many mistakes in that work, I felt like the Michael Jordon
of self application.

This “meme”; big self, little self has somewhat defined my self concept over these four decades. It was so deeply embedded in my psyche, that it became one of my primary filters of perception of self.

What I didn’t realize until today, was that it was a belief or self metric that was hurting me more than helping me now.

It helped me immensely decades back, but it was still stuck in my psyche as a gatekeeper of action; and the most influential metric of defining self I had.

Today, I recognized it. I had been demanding my subconscious make conscious ALL limiting beliefs, so I can go forward with momentum and confidence, and this belief came up today.

We have to train, even demand our subconscious root out all limiting beliefs that keep us in our resistance to living, and feeling alive!

What are your self concept metrics? Are you aware of them consciously?

I challenge you to “get conscious” with me! Who’s in? Share your experiences below for our community please.

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The Wall is a Gate to Abundance!

December 13, 2019

There’s a hidden gate inside our minds, at the intersection of our heart space and I AM power.

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 It’s the sweet experience of self empowerment!

That’s gate! the wall, that inner resistance that feels like a wall; is not a wall. It’s a gateway to more you. It’s a gateway to self empowerment; it’s a clearing of the damn, so the speak.

.. the inner damn that is..

Releasing the damn is the solution. Getting out of our own way is the solution.

This is the wall; our own inner resistance to that magnificent “ISness” within.
It’s that sweet place where creativity abounds and the heart is happy.

It’s the place where you live in your heart space, and not your cranium.
You can be happy and blissfully dis-satisfied. In fact we must be that to experience our abundance.

It’s a wonderful place of delight, inquisitiveness, curiosity, joy, profound satisfaction, awe, appreciation, gratitude and reverence.

“all I see and feel is walls” the wall people observe and comment..
and I say yeah, it’s your own inner wall; that UNrecognized resistance within,
that sadly gets interpreted as “external cause”.

We only have to practice “surrendering to spirit” on a conscious level. That’s life changing.

We make life changing changes with a slight shift in perspective. Revelation happens. Satori happens. Transformational breakthrough happens. Magical transcendence happens. Consciously, not unconsciously, we can self direct our lives and live by design.

The key to living a fulfilling life, is self challenge.

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Meta Learning Through Mentors

December 8, 2019

In the beautiful, wonderful serendipity of the timing of living NOW in this world, is the availability of free information. My friends we are RICH beyond compare!

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 We can easily leverage our mind power via online and offline mentorship; we can design our own “my learning channel”.

In fact we can even customize our consciousness to embrace change and opportunity, and for sure we must do that.

Your challenge is to choose about four or five mentors, that will liberate and inspire you to become the best iteration of self that you’re capable of, at any moment.

We can synergize information from videos, audios, and text of an infinite variation of formats.

Effective self evolution requires an “inquisitiveness” to alchemize your own genius with new insights, critical thinking, progressive life expanding; consciousness expanding questions!

Create your own library of not just books, audios and self study programs; create a library of mentors! It’s such a perfect time in human history to do this. So easy; so fun!

My friend and mentor Tai Lopez offers an online “five minute mentor course”

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Mentors have absolutely and irrevocably changed my life for the better.
I wouldn’t be who I AM today, had I not invited them into my life.

I know the value of being mentored, and it’s in everyone’s best interest if I offer my passion for learning to the world.

Join today. Risk a dollar. You never regret it or look back. It will tilt your world.

Thanks. See you on the next post.


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Sharing Wisdom is Caring!

December 6, 2019

Here’s a prosperous perspective on the concept of Masterminding.

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The most important priority to keep in mind is “create an alliance with yourself first”!


The author is Randy Gage at @randy_gage on twitter

There are some interesting idea to work with here. Starting with self development in the morning to attune our consciousness to the highest truth of who we can be.

Then we attract the circumstances, people and places that are a match for that attunement.

We must create vacuums for new beliefs where the universe can fill our minds with good; by releasing the old beliefs that have become not only irrelevant to our future, but dangerous to our Prosperity.

Are you prepared to do the “spiritual economics” to keep your mind sharp and on point?

leave your thoughts below please and share this blogpost if you found value in it.

Randy Gage is a Prosperity Coach and author of ten books, most of which are best sellers.

Listen to more podcasts on his channel at




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Respect The Sacred Oceans!

December 2, 2019

Friends, with all the smart technology that exists, the brilliant young minds our population has today, and the entrepreneurial savvy, one of our current tech assisted living geniuses will create a solution for keeping our oceans crystal clean, I prophesy.

bird s eye view of ocean during daytime

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Compare and contrast these two oceans!

I saw this on twitter today and my heart went to sad mode.
It’s really disgusting, yet it’s an effect of “industry”

I’m going to set some wheels in motion with this blogpost.
The right person or people with the right idea to solve this, or prevent it,
will see this and go “This inspires an idea..”

Prosperity is everywhere, this is “an illusion of poverty” and the truth is Oceans don’t have to stay “a dumping ground” for toxic damaging-to-ocean-life, inert, plastic.

Let’s resolve this humanity!

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