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The Power of Phraseology

November 29, 2019

Unique word phrases really delight me; they expand my consciousness. I love it!

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There’s tremendous value seeing universal truths being phrased in a style and way that was unique to that mentors personality; it’s super, super intriguing!

Hearing my Prosperity mentor speak about the law of forgiveness for example is profound. Often it’s life changing for me.

Then I read some blogposts on his blog about the same law, and that pinged my gut with truth that what he spoke about and wrote about, – and the way that what was said was said, – I couldn’t not be changed by repeated listenings and reading of the text.

It just resonates that deeply, from the phraseology impact and influence!

When I read from a different mentors text on the same content, it’s exciting and stimulating to see and hear that same, but now uniquely differently phrased content, add more depth, add more truth, more meaning and more applicable usefulness, to that content!

The power of phraseology changes consciousness! I absolutely find it so meaningful! Woot!

Studying your mentors mentor, or some of their mentors, and assimilating the phraseology they use, really helps the learning accelerate too.

One book on Prosperity I listened to, that my Prosperity mentor had referenced in his teachings, really helped to drill those prosperity principles DEEP.

For two years every night, because I like the voice doing the narration, the phraseology the author utilized, and I loved and listened to the content unconditionally, I was able to bypass my conscious mind resistance, and change my core beliefs faster.

This discipline can condense time for you friends. Obsessing about the phraseology makes it fun!

Listening to an audio book of content you love, will tattoo the phraseology in your brain. Every author and narrator has a different command and articulation of the content phraseology, it’s so beautiful!

YOU are allowed to love phraseology! You don’t have to love ALL the content, but
if you focus on the value offered by phraseology, it makes learning and reading an adventure!

Thanks, Peter!

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Let’s Talk About Thought Traffic!

November 27, 2019

My typical courier day would begin driving northbound two exits toward a bulk wholesaler of healthy snack food.

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How I thought once on the road was vastly different than what I could think about before driving anywhere. All I knew was it was mostly likely going to be ten hours of watching traffic, my courier phone, weather, accessibility routes, the clock. You kind of get the vibe.

The content and flow of my thoughts were determined by my courier responsibilities.

However,before and after courier duties were done each day, and on weekends, my “thought traffic” was always about “thought potentialities”.

How big, how daring, how boldly could I think, and with how expansive an imagination could I think, was my inner mandate I’ve realized now after retiring from courier work.

To rephrase this is to say I’d be much more interested in thinking about what I think about, than in what I was actually thinking about.

I had more than thirty cd libraries in my van to feed my intense yearning to learn and expand!

Tuning into music just wasn’t a priority, when I had all the resources right there to expand my consciousness in leaps and bounds!

If not recognized, acknowledged and adjusted to.. your thought power foolishly wasted can combust you from within!

Thought potential is an incredible, sometimes intense power from within, to think expansively and not contract.

What’s YOUR thought traffic like? Is it serving you? Do you measure it?
Becoming super grateful for your consciousness is a good precedent to set.

You can wander around letting thoughts “think you into their form” OR you can purposefully create your day “creating your thoughts to design your lifestyle”

Contrast the two “traffic thought flows” allows us to see two vastly different manifestations of person.

One is in charge and on purpose. One is wondering around allowing their mind to lead them into mind prison; stagnation.

One is choosing their thoughts wisely and masterfully, one is foolishly on a thought treadmill of sameness.

Which are you choosing for yourself purposeful thoughts and quality thought traffic, or is your thought traffic the same and stagnant every day?

I want to challenge you to cultivate an attitude of great gratitude for your consciousness and thought potentiality.

One daily affirmation that works well for me is “I’m so happy and grateful that my thought potentiality is ever expanding, ever increasing, ever more pleasing, and completely infinite!”

Use this affirmation yourself; see how your inner thought realm and thought traffic within your inner realm transform!

Thanks, Peter!

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The Power of a Prosperity Obsession

November 25, 2019

Ideas are centers of consciousness. What a magnificent paradigm! If we dare to believe that any level of Prosperity is possible, we can literally become Prosperity in manifested principle

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Oh, that’s daring, imaginative and bold! If we become the comprehensive laws of applied Prosperity, then we become Prosperity itself.

Prosperity means different things to different people.

One persons prosperity is another persons poverty. One persons prosperity obsession is another persons definition of craziness. Prosperity is a mindset. Prosperity is subjective too. We’ll achieve or experience prosperity doing what we love

Doing what makes us happy, what brings us fulfillment, and becoming positively obsessed about it, will enable us to experience prosperity even being
consciously unfamiliar with the dynamic laws of prosperity.

When we become fully conscious of the laws of being and prosperity it’s a game changer. It’s over. You radiate prosperity from the inside out. Your mind has become acclimated to a positive addiction or obsession of prosperity.

When we become conscious that we actually ARE prosperity, there’s nothing that can stop the human being from expressing it through demonstration. Like attracts like. Prosperity begets more prosperity. Success begets success. Victory begets victory.

Resourcefullness is a trait of Prosperous people

Having employed myself as a courier, there were two significant turning points
that I stayed committed to the work, where no one would have blamed me if I left or quit.

I found the work so challenging and unpleasant in the winter, as my body doesn’t like really cold weather. I remember being swamped with deliveries to do, my gps wasn’t functioning well, my dispatcher had beeped me, the sun was too bright and my eyes were sensitive to it, I was wanting to slow down and the work kept speeding up. I pulled over to pray.
Sitting on a super busy highway, contracting from the stress and demands of the work, I simply surrendered to spirit.
I began being super grateful I had the work, the vehicle I had, the phone I had and most importantly for the consciousness I desired

I began thanking the universe for the consciousness of a professional courier.

I continued it further being grateful for the having the consciousness of a very prosperous man who happened to chose courier work to earn a major income.

Things shifted. The consciousness flowed instantly; I had given myself permission to thrive. I thrived wonderfully in the succeeding months!

Then I knew the laws of Prosperity were irrespective of individuals. The laws of prosperity applied to everyone, depending on their understanding and application
of these prosperity laws.

I became obsessed with learning them thoroughly. I share this with you to invoke the circulation law of prosperity. What you give out multiplies. It’s a wonderful, boomerang effect of energy. It’s a joy to live by the dynamic laws of prosperity!

Thanks! If you found value in this content, please share it and invoke the prosperity law of circulation, and reap the benefits of applying this law.

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Self Permission Truths..

November 24, 2019

We have to give ourselves permission to live a good life; to have a good life.

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The Prosperity laws that govern our lives are real. To the extent that we understand them and apply them, prosperity will manifest on the physical realm.

Through comprehension of these laws, and applying them, can we “give ourselves permission” to live a better life.

Two of these laws that I’ve applied successfully, and so can you, are the tithing law of prosperity and the vacuum law of prosperity.

Every week tithing to the source of your inspiration, will help enable your prosperity, as you send it out to multiply.

Ten is the number associated with tithing, a tenth of all you earn tithed appropriately will multiply your energy into appropriate (spirit) substance.

Tithing it to your church, ashram, spiritual center, mosque, synagogue, ~ source of inspiration will multiply in substance that’s specific for that entity’s growth at the moment.

Tithing is business like, orderly, and powerful. Giving ten percent of all you earn; gross total, will increase and enhance your Prosperity. No exeception.

It’s not just applicable to money, but time, talent and treasures.

“miserly hoarding leads to recession” ~ Randy Gage

Prosperity pays full retail too. If not, it would be counterproductive to the tithing law. Don’t go for discount special “today only pricing” in retail stores, only if it authentically coincides with an intention of acquisition in the moment. If we hoard things, we invite recession, it’s true of our joy, love, authentic sincere praise, talents, and charity.

Applying the tithing law of prosperity is “self permission” to Prosper. People that tithe understand it’s prosperity attracting power.

The next law of prosperity I want to mention before I close this blogpost,
is the vacuum law of prosperity. Think of this as “self re-engineering”.
That works well for me.

It’s based on original blessing. if we create a vacuum, such as footprints in the sand at the ocean’s edge, or driving through a snow drift on a windy winter day, the universe is going to fill in the footprints or space with water or snow. The premise is creating a vacuum, like cleaning out a drawer or closet, the universe can fill it with good; more supplies or more clothes for example.

if we clean out our bookshelves, garage, cupboards, we can up-level our good as well.

Application of this law gives us permission, by giving the universe permission to fill the vacuum with good!

Application of “The dynamic laws of Prosperity” is choosing prosperity and in effect giving ourselves permission to transcend mediocrity by default.

So please, give yourself permission to live a better life.

Thanks, in the next blogpost we’ll talk about two more laws of prosperity; the forgiveness law of prosperity and the circulation law of prosperity.

Until then, share your thoughts so our community can grow please.

Prosperity Peter!

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Artistry vs Industry

November 17, 2019

Artistry, this IS OUR Prosperity Galactica , it’s the redemptive path.

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We don’t find the warmth of the human soul in mass production, media, marketing, corporate America, radio ads, or even social media necessarily – although it’s easy to discern fake from authentic..

America’s Got Talent, Britain’s got Talent, YOUR COUNTRY has Talent.. showcases breathtaking talent; it’s a positive meme!

Our souls and hearts open when a talented youthful singer, surprises, moves us and delights us with their resonant song delivery, communicating their hearts focus.

The salesman, speaker, or even police officer who leaves us spellbound, who dances through their work at directing traffic at traffic lights, wows us and inspires us. That’s artistry! That’s NOT industry..

Industry is about control and compliance; regional public services have industrialized without even realizing it!

Comply, with no explanation or case file suspended. Where’s the democracy in that?
Franchise food, predictable and sameness abounding; is it heartfelt and soulfelt
when your served in microwave time schedules? Those franchises are real estate investors not human fullfillment from exceptional food experience creators..

Fourteen dollar plastic mugs of beer to capitalize on joe average mass attendance at your local esteemed ball stadium. Where’s the human love of attendee in that?

Sports entertainment has been industrialized, parking your car has been industrialized, infrastructure repair has been industrialized, ignorance has even been industrialized..

Artistry allows us to connect; to surprise and to innovate and create.
Our birthright is not to comply, remain unconscious believing we’re conscious, be controlled, or even to conform!

Artistry is our perfect dna expressed; it’s our own uniqueness expressed displacing the demand for our focus on comply and conform.

Artistry is called for, it’s the human touch and human feeling.

We cannot feel authentic feelings unless we practice art of feeling, discernment and differentiation.

Artistry is going within to the stillness within; drinking from the well of ever present “presence”, the omnipotent always there “presence”

As a teenager, I played guitar with and was taught to play the guitar by my best friend. I was soon invited to play in the band of a sunday morning catholic church choir. My best friend was very talented; I believe he stills plays music today for fulfillment and as a stream of income.

I was a limiting belief believer at the time. Ignorant of this, I believe my perceived limitations were Reality. I saw myself as a grasshopper instead of a bold and daring giant. I couldn’t sing a note, or so I thought, caused me to believe even more in limitations. I was proficient at guitar playing, though not “adept, refined and super skilled” at playing; I felt more sad I couldn’t sing even though I wasn’t really great at guitar playing, even though I could have mastered guitar, and tried to..

I felt I wasn’t a “proper artist unless I could sing as well”; comparison is the death of joy as they say.

My friend I AM an artist I discovered; not in music but in heart. I try to touch and inspire and “be touched and inspired”; through it all build and create connection. I’m proud of that.

Artistry is spiritual I believe..

Artistry is decidedly different than industry; although industry led to the calling forth or more, much more human artistry.

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Spaciousness is Graciousness

November 16, 2019
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Keeping our inner and outer spaces clean and organized is so important to our Prosperity. After a recent unexpected setback, I immediately started cleaning my residence and gifted many items to charity.

I gave myself permission to lighten up. Unfortunately, I gifted a few Luxury design magazines, and an autographed book, though I believe it blessed me more than if I held on to them.

It allowed my consciousness to flow more freely.

Resuming sovereignty of the mind is super important after setback emotions occur.

Cleaning house allowed to me stay in charge of my thoughts while evaluating setback dynamics.

If we prioritize our inner spaciousness we can then act with graciousness.
I’ve discerned that a key element of a rational mind is praising, facilitating and prioritizing “a quality inner flow of consciousness”

Affirm with me: I’m so happy and grateful for the divine flow of prosperity consciousness every moment possible to achieve my highest good!

Create your world from the inside out my friends. Affirm and give thanks for what you want, as if it’s already here!

Taking charge of our thoughts is the first step to success and it honors our gift of life.

In the next post we discuss a critical discernment in allowing a quality flow of consciousness. before I publish that post, comment with your thoughts about prioritizing a quality flow of consciousness in your own mind.

Until then, practice being sovereign of your flow of consciousness.


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Want Increase? Click on the Link Below

November 14, 2019

Prosperity Galactica!

November 14, 2019
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In my sixth decade and sixty three times around the sun with the earth, I’ve decided to stop being sympathetic to the human condition and start being Consciously Sympathetic to the Prosperity movement.

Prosperity has been available to humanity before “God made night-time different than daytime; before he created oceans and distinguished land from them”

Having been born with scoliosis and Marfan’s syndrome which we had no clue about until my fifth decade in orbit, I’ve been pre-disposed to a good percentage of the population suffering ill health as a human condition.

Human condition? malnutrition, superstition, new rendition! – prosperity is our birthright NOT the fucking human condition.

It’s time to transcend the fucking goliath of the “human condition”!

Poverty is “the human condition” environmentally coma induced minds would conclude. Friends, and I say this in idealistic perceptions yet sincerely and from OUR hearts I urge you to come aboard with this, – we need to stop “feeding that metaphysical Goliath”.

Stop feeding the human condition. Just stop it!

Disclaimer: I get that economic, traditional beliefs, fear consciousness, peer pressure, superstition, cultural pressure, fear of competition, fear of lack, illness, circumstances, prevailing conditions, racial and various forms of social injustice, we as “society” are convinced are “relevant factors” translated as “facts” are all factors.. UNTIL THEY ARE NOT!

~ The Mind is an instrument for Prosperity OR Poverty, but it can’t be both ~ Randy Gage, Global Prosperity Coach

The human condition is poverty and mediocrity. Prosperity SHOULD BE THE HUMAN PARADISE, though until it is, we transcend the human condition with reprogramming our minds for Prosperity.

People buy into “you’re stupid” “you’ll never amount to anything”, family, peer, social and political pressures, stress induces heart attacks and various maladies..

We have to realize however..

Poverty is an illusion if we know we are ALL capable of Prosperity. The connecting link is our minds.

If I’m going to be free, I’ve got to be me, teaches the great Bob Proctor.

My friends, we have to know who our “me” is to make that freedom happen.
Let’s trust our imagination, let’s turn our attention from our limitations, and focus it on our prosperity.

Let’s demonstrate Prosperity Galactica!

Let’s create a human paradise on earth, and evicerate the lack of discernment
Let’s celebrate Possibilitarianism, and erupt and disrupt negative human condition probability.

Let’s do this together! I have a dream, and I will communicate it every ethical way I can think of.

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Prosperity: Choosing Your Legacy!

November 12, 2019

If you are not pre-dominantly Creating and choosing your thoughts AND ultimately your legacy, you are allowing yourself to be influenced by opinions.

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It’s got to be an enlightened, intentional choice, one you can be proud of and people will know you for at your funeral.

A choice that rocks your soul. A choice that people will equate with the sight of you. A choice that you stand your heart on.

Now the mind might will itself to get in the way. You might get in your way. Don’t let that be you. Deciding TODAY, RIGHT NOW, what your legacy will be, is what I challenge you to decide.

This may be the most important decision you’ll ever make, and many get it wrong.
Many choose to early, before they’ve turned pro at what they do.

Multitudes leave it to chance, because they don’t feel the call from their soul.

Many hear mixed or too many voices, all but the one from their soul. Far too many travel a journey of consciousness of “I’m just trying to fit in”.

What’s your “seeing and a knowing”? What’s your reason d’etre?

Listen.. listen.. get still.. often.. hear the vibration of alchemy that sets your soul on fire!

What would YOU do if you knew you could not fail, or money was no object?

What would you do if no one paid you to do it?

What’s the dash on your tombstone going to represent?

Can you see your worthiness and importance; your place in the divine order of things?

What bold, daring and imaginative goals and dream have you set your sights on?

What’s the difference you want to make as a “difference maker”?

Leave your answer in the comments, and I’ll see YOU on the next post.

Thanks, Peter!

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The Spiritual Power of Conscious, Intentional Gratitude

November 12, 2019

There are two really great discernments I want to make here; we get what we dwell on and argue for, is one.

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful day, where we literally celebrate our blessings of family, friends, miracles and God’s favor if you believe in God.

I really like Wayne Dyer’s book: “The Power of Intention”, where he writes that “intention” is actually the cosmic force that created all of existence. It’s a friendly, kind, benevolent force” that has seven faces.

Kindness, Love, passive receptivity etc.. His main thesis is that Intention is a kind, benevolent force that’s nurtures and allows prosperity and thriving; and if it wasn’t kind, it wouldn’t be a force capable of sustaining itself. It would want to destroy itself immediately or a.s.a.p.

The other important discernment I want to write about here, is a truth I heard spoken by Marianne Williamson. It’s this: we conditioned ourselves to live in a world where the consciousness of fear and lack seems “natural” and love seems “unnatural”.

How bogus is that on the part of collective consciousness?

Prosperity, thriving, love, kindness are all unnatural?

Not so; though it may account as to why their are only pockets of Prosperity here and there, while the rest of humanity wallows in poverty.

What a tragedy!

Dr.Wayne has am early book out entitled: “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”; it very good and well worth reading.

Gratitude is mentioned in the book as a fundamental spiritual quality and practice.

There’s a great deal of spiritual power in gratitude because it comes from the heart. One has to feel gratitude for it to be real and felt sincere.

I have friends locally and overseas that I’m mindful to be grateful for. They always seem “to make the difference” that can pivot your emotions into an upward spiral or at least calm your mind.

Today is Remembrance Day and we give thanks for the veterans that fought responsibly for our freedom.

There is so much to be grateful for and it magnifies when you feel grateful.

it’s a wonderful upward spiral!

How has the spiritual power of gratitude shaped your life? Do you keep a gratitude journal? I challenge you to write down five things right now you’re grateful for.

Let me know in the comments what you wrote down.

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