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The Clean and Green Principle

October 31, 2019

Stephen R Covey often shared a story at conferences about teaching his son “Clean and Green”, as it was a good metaphor for teaching delegation, co-operation and leadership. It also was very effective at getting his leadership principals across. People got it.

green grass field

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In a nutshell; the cliff notes version is tell someone the objective you want,

in Mr Covey’s case, his back yard was a mess under his own stewardship. He could not prioritize it’s care with his demanding schedule, and his objective for his yard was “clean and green”, just like his neighbors yard.

He made an agreement with his eight year old son, to give “stewardship” of the yard to him, and hold him accountable in a very fair, transparent and loving way.

If you google the audio, it’s very humorous yet very profound, the way the boy was persuaded into the father/son backyard clean up and maintenance deal agreement.

It’s a great metaphor for being mindful and disciplined in “gardening our minds”

We are the gardeners of our minds; we must pull out the weeds, the bad thoughts,

that get rooted by negative memes. This allows space for our good thoughts; our intentions, our life value principals, our abundant thoughts and filters of reality.

We create our own reality, being it positive or negative, prosperous or impoverished, abundant or scarcity based, holy or indifferent.

The green and clean metaphor would be an abundant mind; a clean wholesome, robust mind full of rich ideas!

It’s our priviledge and right to do so, as no other creatures on earth can do this, and we’re reaching and expanding our potential when we do so.

We can intend perfect health and never reach it. Yet we become stronger, healthier, more prosperous as our consciousness expands.

Ideas are centers of consciousness, what’s at the core of your mind and beliefs?

Are you challenging yourself everyday with new thoughts, new ideas, new belief systems that work well for you?

How are you doing with the gardening of your mind?

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Intending The Yes Energy Consciousness

October 30, 2019

Here’s a great place to begin action from; it’ll connect you with your soul energy I’ve found.

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What can you not imagine not doing before you graduate school house earth? What is an elevated calm, peaceful certainty, that come from confidence and clarity? I’m paraphrasing Loral Langmeier, Millionaire Maker, who wrote Yes Energy, the book.

It’s also on audio, on the Audible platform.

I really really recommend this book, Yes Energy. It’s aligned with your highest iteration of SELF, integrity, authenticity, and faith in “a greater intelligence”.

Say YES first, then figure it out. Everything is figure outable right?

Synergy, team work and “sequencing” are more principals of the Yes Energy Equation.

It just feels like the correct “thought platform” to emanate and demonstrate from for me.

Sometimes we screw up right? I said Yes to the thing that made me screw up however. It just felt right; my gut said YES to it.

The past three months have been constant challenges to my Yes Energy.

I’ve said yes when I thought I should have said no. I say Yes to most things, as long as they’re ethical and legal, because it keeps me in the Yes mode for when the sweet, coveted goals and opportunities show up, and I might have said no to them IF I didn’t have the eyes and ears and heart to know this is a big YES!

Say YES, practice and rehearse saying yes! You’ll be prepared for what you were born to receive!

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Innovated Idea Organics!

October 24, 2019

The way ideas configurate in the mind is absolutely intriguing, I find.

What’s breathtakingly beautiful is the way the call to prosperity will order the faculties of the mind. To experience a clean, impeccable flow of “ideas in consciousness”, all ideas have to be in and from an foundation of love and wisdom.

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Prosperity is a river. A clean fresh river. The flow of consciousness is meant to be like this clean, immaculate robust flow of water!

Consciousness is centered in the flow of ideas; it’s on us to emulate this river flow metaphor in our “streams of consciousness”.

Ideas flow. Consciousness flows. Spiritual Identity is meant to flow. If your identified with a concept or material thing; there cannot be the best flow!

If prosperity is a river, then our energy is a river. It’s organic in nature.

Original in nature. The river of consciousness is meant to be organic!

it’s when we are in flow. It’s when we have passion, it’s when we have enthusiasm. Avoid traditional models of thought. They will bog you down, there’s no “organic” to them. They aren’t original.

Think like people have never thought before. Think FROM free imagination.

This is the christ power. Feeling is the pre-success. feeling is your faith.

a positive faith is organic; let’s rock our consciousness with organic faith and feeling!

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Transcend The Datasphere Philosophy

October 23, 2019

Throughout these blog posts is an emphasis to focus on the uncommonly practical
that isn’t in the “perceptual vocabulary” of mainstream tribes of people.

A prosperity principle in catalyzing the experience of inner abundance, is the notion of transcending the datsphere.

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What does that mean Peter? Could you explain it in simpler words please?

Sure, it means simply “keep your mind as free as possible”;

Be mindful of where you “house your consciousness”!

Be mindful of your center of consciousness; of your level of prosperity and abundance. Always keep your power. Think in ways and manifest in ways that allow you to ~ rather ensure you keep your power.

If you give your power away via mental blind spots, take it back as soon as you can!

Dominion and sovereignty of your mind is not often taught or valued, some have no idea it’s possible.

People that have dominion can thrive no matter what their external reality.

Consider Nelson Mandela, or Captain Jerry Coffee – P.O.W. for example, both these people endured the most challenging of circumstances and transcended them!

We have to control our minds if we are to thrive! We have to be aware of the millions of insidious negative memes, that infect our minds and we don’t even know it – if – we arn’t aware they exist.

You cannot manage what you don’t know exists!

Think about what you think about, I urge you. It’s of critical importance.

Thanks and take care for now friends.


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Should You Conquer Truth or Self?

October 21, 2019

This truly has been the crux or Achilles Heal; a “treadmill” if you will, of “whats success” for me.

I care deeply about this manifestation of spirit in human form; yet the paradox is always defaulting back to: “Do we do better intending to conquer truth, or conquering self”??

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and what the hell is the difference anyway?

I experience psychic pain when I’m sorting out and through philisophical confusion.

Conquering self leads to outcomes and manifestations that are different from conquering truth, I find.

and the difference is remarkable!

what can delay or intervene are “negative memes” that have insidiously integrated in our minds.

Conquering truth presumes you can accurately identify the lies (negative memes)

that spread like viruses, and also assumes you can become
immune to them; – in a perfect world I suppose..

conquering self presumes you don’t have truth as your “spiritual measure”,

and don’t have “principal” (or truth) as your measure.

The focus is on “feelings”.

My thoughts are to focus on conquering “truth” is “playing the infinite game”.

Focusing on conquering self is playing ‘the finite game”.

Truth is infinite; self is temporal.

Those are my thoughts and that’s my rational reasoning.

What are YOUR thoughts about this; conquer truth or self?

Share your thoughts below please, and if this post made you think a bit, please share it with your community.



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Speak What You Want in Your Future!

October 18, 2019

When we speak of Prosperity, Health and the Greater good, it’s what we invite into our lives.

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Our vibration is everything. What we attract,we radiate.

My prosperity mentor taught us (his students) this “The mind is an instrument for poverty OR Prosperity – but it can’t be both.”

if you encounter prosperity for a prolonged period of time, you don’t become sympathetic to poverty; it just doesn’t process.

The more you physically “speak prosperity”, the more you anchor in it’s foundation.

Speak what you want til you SEE what you wanted!

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The Opulent Power of Prosperity!

October 16, 2019

I felt the opulence of life, back of the clutter, back of the physical/spiritual workings of the world, so clearly and somewhat intensely, sauntering along this unmistakenly autumn day!

smiling man walking alone on pathway

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It was palpable! It was the universe saying, here – we were this opulent all along! We’ve got your back; it’s fine and we are friendly. We like you and we love you!

This opulent feeling was beyond victory and I would guess not available to un ungrateful soul.

It transcended all struggle, all effort, all intension; tuning into it was the only path and requisite.

The seeming audacity of it struck me, THEN the ludicrous thought that opulence was audacious struck me. THEN, as if presented as a gift by an angel, the revelation of “perceptual filter opulence obstructions” tatooed itself on my consciousness.

Then shifting happened! Clear reality linkage happened!

My beingness was transformed; I was transported into a wonderful new beingness, and for this I give great gratitude!

I don’t know how my life and consciousness is so prosperous! These are the questions we should be asking ourselves!

Even if asked “in anger”; it helps and effects change, from the passion of anger!

Repressed or suppressed feelings and emotions show up in undesirable ways..

acknowledge your opulence friends; the magnificence of your beingness.

We all go gaga for some magnificent encounter with beautiful beasts of power, few of go gaga over our own Opulence of being!

Inspired by Michael Bernard Beckwith’s interviews with podcasters on youtube!

Thankyou opulent universe! Please share if you found value here.


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You are the Spirit of Universal Increase!

October 14, 2019

The constant reality at the REAL origin of all that is, can be discovered a spirit of increase!

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It’s infinite intelligence manifesting itself as “infinite differentiation”!

To out-picture that there has to be an emanating principle of sufficient mental capital that all you express, in word, deed and gesture, must originate from the idea of increase as a dominant center of consciousness.

Our thought precedence must be about “increase for all, to all, about all and from all that you are and have within!

From nothingness proceeds “allness”. You cannot produce increase from a position of lack.

We cannot proceed toward prosperity unless you know who and what you are, as an emanation of illumination of the creative life force; the presense which is never in absense.

It’s closer than our breathe and our outer selves. Stillness and calm are power.

They are the power of love.

Thanks for reading and sharing this blog if you found value in it.


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A “Who Am I Becoming Focus”is Prudent

October 12, 2019

The stimulus response brain synapse connection is dinasaur; is archaic ~ is “rotary phone” it’s laughable, yet most digital buisness and ecommerce relies on it.

selective focus photography of black rotary phone

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So we cannot say welcome to spiritual, spacious, relaxed, wisdom based,
electronic interactions for most of that spectrum.

These digital interactions because of essential context, is like a Bruce Lee ping pong match, where Bruce volleys his shots with martial arts workout tools.

The lakeshore where I live is flooded with happy citizens who mostly leave their smart phones in silent mode, and enjoy the richness and calm of the lake, the “I’ve got be in nature” drive we all feel on sunny warm days, and happy puppies getting their daily exercise and reveling in their freedom walks and frolic!

How much of our focus though explores, appreciates and expands our inner freedom? When was the last time, you mentally and intentionally formed an
introspection on “who you are becoming” or more significantly “who do you get to become”?

Who must I become? is a spiritual question. It requires some accurate discernment and honest answers; progressive, prosperous, possibility based answers.

We need more than an “aquaintance” with our inner realm; a determined and conquered conquest of life’s available possibilities, freedom and liberties!

Never mind doing the “when I’m in my rocking chair and last days test”,

how about doing the “I can’t believe I was that ignorant 2 hours ago, 2 days ago, 2 weeks ago” honest evaluative introspection?

Spirituality is cause, manifestation is the effect or result. Is your current manifestation of “self” a victim – of your environment – your mind – your thoughts – your blind spots – your excuses, or are you a victor of self; master of truth.

I express this content to make myself THINK; to introspect, to self evaluate,
it’s how I want the people in my orbit to challenge themselves too.

Let’s be as conscious as we can be, not robots, not automatons, not “programmed” unconscious drones!

This is the age of discernment, not the rotary dial phone,or being thrilled with colour tv.

I challenge you to keep the tv off. Avoid watching any news channels. Those people are paid the keep the human vibration at a low level, whether they realize it or not!

Let’s focus on the “Who can I become” , “who do I get to become” who don’t I want to become” and how do I get to become like that questions.

Truth demands we have this focus and intent; to be the architects of our lives, to be the creator of our destiny.

Let’s respect this creative force of the universe and ask it “who can I ultimately become; what ARE MY POSSIBILITIES?

It’s a process, it takes time. I spent much of my earlier time on earth in a blind spot as to “who I HONESTLY AND TRULY HAD THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING AND BECOMING” from “wanting to fit in and be accepted”

Such a tradjedy; a needless waste of potential! So let’s all embrace a little more discomfort and challenge ourselves to grow and evolve.


Peter Horrill!

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The Brilliance Knows!

October 11, 2019

Early early in my childhood, I remember the meme – I recognize as a meme now –

“The Shadow Knows”. It was a mind virus that affected millions via radio..

silhouette of window

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Fast forward to today, I listened to a video blurb on youtube, where Oprah

was a featured speaker.

Oprah’s first “verbal arrow” to pierce our souls was “people tend to ignore the shadow fears” and live in their conscious “wants”; never becoming conscious of those quiet, soft spoken, big impact fears.

Those subconscious fears can rule our minds, IF we don’t become “conscious of them”, for what we fear, we are drawn to.

Can you persuade yourself it’s visa versa? Can you see in your heart of hearts, beyond the pain, beyond the conscious mind, the “original blessing”?

The brilliance; the genius – the “light that is you”?

It’s “who you get to become”, it’s the who can I be? It’s the “who must I become and who do I get to become”?

It’s the positive polarity; the dream boards, our right use of imagination!

The shadow knows held suspence and mystery, for radio listeners for decades, it actually debuted on July 31, 1930. It’s a vague memory now..

The brilliance knows – in contrast – will be and is eternal – it’s cleverly

spoken as “what a brilliant kid, or what a brilliant man or woman; what a brilliant performance/speech/invention/documentary/practioner/ add your own version of brilliance.

You get my point.

so ask yourself, next time you seem too far in to “the enterprise/investment/
project/committment/planning process/construction/ foundation/ degree course/sabatical”, is this the equivalent of “the brilliance knows”

It’s worth giving some critical thought to, is this me – am I capable of better?

is good going to lead to great?

Brilliance knows..

Thanks, leave a comment, follow and share this blog if you found value in this post.

My next post will be equally thought provoking!


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