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Quantum Stillness..

September 30, 2019

Some things we experience through sense data.

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Then there’s things you experience..

we experience spiritual too, and thankfully.

A friend of mine just wrote a blogpost of a topic that..
every person that left a comment felt his experience and connected with his
pain of loss.

How do you respond to loss?

Emotions have to be respected, and also given perspective..

For far too long – and even when I intellectually knew better, my emotions

would rule my intellect.

I have to take responsability. Emotions – stand down!

Be intellectually and spiritually present.

I cannot think of anything else to write that’s real and relevant,

except that consciousness is the only real reality.

so do you believe you are a spiritual being, or a material being?

We cannot feel the stillness within, in our material beingness; through our sense consciousness alone.

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Awakening Through Discernment

September 27, 2019

Spiritual things can only be discerned spiritually, teaches Randy Gage, a self taught Prosperity coach, and my prosperity mentor.

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Spiritual consciousness, versus sense consciousness is the challenge and objective.

What’s worked for me is “discerning” that lack consciousness is sense consciousness.

Sense consciousness knows nothing of character, integrity, faith, kindness,
compassion and all the kingdoms of the heavens.

Spiritual consciousness then will discern our quality of consciousness.

We can discern truth from non truth, sense data from spiritual downloads, purity from contaminated, healthy from diseased..

WE cannot be both spiritual oriented and sense identified. Our greatest challenge as individuals is prosperity or spiritual consciousness.

What’s your default “self measure”?

How do you gage success?

if consciousness is the only real reality; then spiritual consciousness has to be our path.

What’s your consciousness potential?

I have found it more through spiritual consciousness than sense consciousness.

How about you? have you really monitored the root of your thoughts?

No one really will speak out to you about this, your character is between you and your creator.

Share your thoughts openly is my challenge to you today.



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The Power of Self Confrontation

September 25, 2019

It takes guts. a bold, thorough, necessary, in-depth, relentless process of self confrontation is super liberating, and super prosperous.

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Our inner realm is deep. the questions we ask ourselves, and the inner conflicts we resolve, liberate our minds.

Design our life, rather than accept our life, is our choice and priveledge.

who cannot design their life through self confrontation?

How enlightened and liberated we become is proportional to the risk we embrace,
in challenging the status quo

Self confrontation will activate an inner, positive, volcanic eruption,
where “well being lava substance”, erupts in an inner river of life.

Anger is a mind negative virus of a conditioned mind objectified.

Well being “inner lava” is a result of a positive mind virus, of a conditioned mind objectified.

The manifestation of each is a widely divergent path. Choose wisely!

What nature of mind viruses are you hosting, negative or positive?

Thanks, share your thoughts and insights! I’d love to hear your essential self positioning.

Be bold; be audascious!


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The Power of Phraseology

September 24, 2019

Phraseology has always held a reverence with every tribe of people, wouldn’t you agree?

The meaning of this blog post title for example, evokes a respect and an unconscious “for sure” from every educated being to non educated being alike.

If people don’t know the word Phraseology, they instinctively, intuitively understand the word: PHRASE

One word phrases are volcanic and heartfelt; simply dynamic.

They shift and conjure up ideas and images. Peoples are eyes dialate or enlarge, depending on their feeling response. Consider these one word stories:




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Imagination is STIRRED through these one word stories.

heartbeats increase; pulses race when you delve into the story images or plotline..

Multi-word Phrases

Phrases of unique combinations such as “thermo-fucking nuclear”,

emotional alchemy

super soul sunday,

the road less traveled

Calluses and palaces

Uncommon Mentorship traits

everday uniqueness

Altitude of mind

these phrases point to a posture, a position, a condition, a description


Consider this sentence phraseology:


Our brains function through beleifs,

the ideas at the inmost center origin of our consciousness, are what

our beliefs are built on.

In the next post, we’ll gleefully explore more of The Power of Phraseology, applied to evolve our culture.

Share your thoughts below, let us know how phraseology influences your mind.


Peter Horrill!

The Spiritual Benefits of Writing

September 24, 2019

Sometimes the obscure enthusiasms come to the foreground by virtue of the vacuum law of prosperity.

The love of writing had always been there, as had the love of reading.

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Writing, to the writer, is liberating. As an author will engage us in their conversation and story, a writer, when writing, engages themselves with the cosmos through imagination.

Writing can allow you to connect, give from your soul, express, circulate knowledge, tithe of talent, and unclutter your mind.

~ Connect
~ Contribute
~ express
~ circulate your knowledge
~ tithe of your talent
~ unclutter your mind

All these results are spiritual in nature. That kind of inner result is beneficial to the writer, as their words communicate the spiritual vibration they carry.

We write for practical purposes, and we write for our souls. Something good happens when you put words on a blog, or pen to paper for journals, articles, books & papers.

The writer grows. The reader grows. Energetic connections are formed. If readers like the writing, the writer creates a supply and demand dynamic for his content.

What do you like to write? Do you believe it’s important? Writing is holistic,
it can serve us well if the inspiration and talent are nurtured and respected.

How are you doing with writing? Do you keep a journal? Do you get your thoughts down? or do they stay in your inner realm, never to be shared with the public?

Writing is in harmony with the law of circulation too. That’s a spiritual law.

I write to stay mentally healthy too. It allows me to organize my thoughts and beliefs.

Your spirituality will grow. if your write a handwritten letter though, it may get tossed or not taken seriously. Don’t be offended. Forgive the current digital culture influences.

People get distracted easily. That’s not spiritual, but writing is if you write from the heart.

Have you been inspired to write by this blogpost? I hope so.


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Greatness and One Volcanic Inner Circle Insight

September 20, 2019

Authoring five blogs doesn’t make you a writer, unless you believe it will, though it is a very decent start.

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Investing your energy writing the first few chapters of your book, at a beach while sitting in your air-conditioned van, doesn’t make you a writer. Although you could convince yourself, that was a great self expression and supportive of my “I’m a writer” self concept.

Write a few hundred words a day, evangelizes Sean Ogle, much more than a freelance writer at

Writing.. a great habit to partake in, can help you become more of who you were born to be, if you have the propensity.

I like to share great insights with the world, it’s a great way for me to hone and improve my writing skills; that I may continually think of myself as: “yes,I’m a writer”

From Bob Burgs Go-Giver podcast then I want to circulate into the universe,
a very intelligent insight which can be a game changer for you.

The “law of circulation” incidently is a dynamic law of prosperity, so I’m sharing two excellent insights,why not seize the moment right?

Bob was dialoguing with Don Yaeger, where through Bob’s super mindfull question asking, Don shared a truth that embedded it’self in my unconscious immediately.
This is so significant an insight that my fingers could stop typing and my mind couldn’t stop organizing words into a coherent blog post, that I could spread this great idea like a virus.

Great people never outperform their inner circle. So great people are always looking to improve their inner circle, so they can grow.

Such eloquence and simplicity! This powerful insight clicked loudly in my inner realm. I have the faith to believe that, it could uber someone’s mental capital to their next “okay what’s next” posture, and open the door to new momentum, as it certainly did for me.

Who can you become going forward? How can you create a legacy?

How can I better impact the world? Who could this influence in a very positive way? were some of the questions I asked myself, so signing into wordpress was my next right move.

Believe it and achieve it!

Who’s in your inner circle that you’ve outgrown?

The Bob Burg interviewing Don Yaeger podcast:

127 What Brings Greatness?


Peter Horrill!

P.s. if you were stirred by these words, please share this post and consider me for a guest writer for your blog, or freelance projects, thankyou!

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Your Setbacks are Your Success Guides!

September 18, 2019

Why did I have to experience it? Why or how is it I thought it necessary to set myself back in a profound way?

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Imagine we were in a conference hall, a crowd of a few hundred people. The next speaker is introduced and we are informed they will discuss their recent setback in life, and we judge it as foolish and uneccessary in a superficial way.

They experience a totally life changing volcanic eruption in their lifestyle, though we audience members categorize it as just plain insanity, to justify our daily progress, and forward thinking goal setting, self disciplines and happiness expectations. We think glad it happened to you and not me my friend.

We feel compassion certainly, and maybe empathy for the speaker, all this in the moments following disclosure of the setback details.

Some of us might be snickering, some aghast that such a setback could occur.
An array of human reaction and expressions occur, throughout the conference space, as each individual reacts, responds or processes what they’ve just heard the speaker say to them.

Now within two minutes of beginning their talk, the speaker turns it around and says: “now what does this have to do with you; why am I telling you this?”

(silence in the audience)..

the speaker pauses more..

an uncomfortably period of time passes before they speak again; all the while they search for the one or two that know the truth and answer..

They go on.. “you see, what I learned is that we cause our own setbacks”.

Can YOU admit YOU caused a setback in your own life..

..people begin to remember their setbacks..

they continue..

“we choose our behaviors, consciously or unconsciously” they continue.. people shift in their seats..

They elaborate: “we can play the victim card, or we can play the victory card” in all that we do. Which ever card we play, comes from our mindset, heart set; our alignment with our well being focus, or from the “inner realm noise” that blocks our prosperity.

Then we are asked:

How clear and aligned are you? Are you coming from enlightenment, or perhaps fearfulness from facing an indescribable Goliath?

Are you “setback bulletproof”? How’s your relationship with YOU?

If you were given a prosperity consciousness test, how would you estimate you would do on the test?

Are you accurate in your definitions of Prosperity, mediocrity, poverty, self respect, self esteem and worthiness?

What are your deepest beliefs? Are those beliefs still serving you?

Would you be able to own the setback? Could you admit YOU were the cause?

How would this affect your thinking? Is critical thinking a strength of yours?

What could you do to improve those skills?

Setbacks, I believe are “setups” for a resilient self reinvention.

Are you in the deep with me on this, or simply at “the surface”.

What are your thoughts? I’m writing this for me. If it helped you, let me know,

it will be gratifying to know.

Thought provoking isn’t it? How do you handle yourself in a crisis?

Do you believe setbacks are “setups” for something more beautiful and wondrous or.. not so much..

I’ll leave this with you to ponder.

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