Divinity Experiencial Help Tools

If your innate divinity was your brand, could you do it justice?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do you understand it? Have you FELT it? Brands are FEELINGS as is your “innate divinity”.

I urge you to explore it – more than an average person. I urge you to experience it consciously.

I urge you to center yourself; center your thoughts within it, upon it and to finally think FROM it.

One of the self realization disciplines I’ve voluntarily delved into, is the study of The Laws of Prosperity.

I’d like to offer you a tool; a resource and a Prosperity Coach and mentor, if you’re so inclined to this intriguing, magnificent, realm of consciousness.

The Prosperity Coach is Randy Gage. He’s my Prosperity Coach and mentor of a few years now.

Randy is a super spiritual man. He teaches the “art and science of Prosperity”.

The reason I wrote this blog post is I wanted to share a podcast of Randy’s that is such awesome advice for wisdom seekers, that I couldn’t NOT share it.

~ This also invokes the Prosperity Law of Circulation, which increases everyone’s Prosperity.

Here’s the podcast, enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Divinity Experiencial Help Tools”

  1. Randy Gage Says:

    Wow, thanks for the shoutout!


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