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Divinity Experiencial Help Tools

July 23, 2019

If your innate divinity was your brand, could you do it justice?

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Do you understand it? Have you FELT it? Brands are FEELINGS as is your “innate divinity”.

I urge you to explore it – more than an average person. I urge you to experience it consciously.

I urge you to center yourself; center your thoughts within it, upon it and to finally think FROM it.

One of the self realization disciplines I’ve voluntarily delved into, is the study of The Laws of Prosperity.

I’d like to offer you a tool; a resource and a Prosperity Coach and mentor, if you’re so inclined to this intriguing, magnificent, realm of consciousness.

The Prosperity Coach is Randy Gage. He’s my Prosperity Coach and mentor of a few years now.

Randy is a super spiritual man. He teaches the “art and science of Prosperity”.

The reason I wrote this blog post is I wanted to share a podcast of Randy’s that is such awesome advice for wisdom seekers, that I couldn’t NOT share it.

~ This also invokes the Prosperity Law of Circulation, which increases everyone’s Prosperity.

Here’s the podcast, enjoy!

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Five Benefits of Wisdom Mastermind Group Adventures, and Why You Should be in a WM Group!

July 18, 2019

Diane from Conneticut voice: People introduce yourself and say hi as you enter onto our Monday night wisdom mastermind call please:

Hi, this is RayMIND from Chicago! .. Cathie from Ohio here! Kristen from New York present, HEYY –  .. Franco from California in the house! Yes yes yes, hey all!  Bruce from  [………} here, hello!..
Francine from.[………] hey all, –
Todd from Cincinati here (Frans son), Peter from Canada present! Hey everyone!

Those were just a very few of the members names I recall of the wisdom mastermind group call, that happened every Monday night at exactly “9:27pm”.. about 9 years ago.

Friends, it was a paid membership where we received a monthly wisdom cd, and could experience at least 4 weekly wisdom group calls per month.

The investment was 78$ per month I believe, in the greatest benefit category.

It was so intriguing and worthwhile to be on each call if possible, each week!

We all got our chance to express and share our “pearls of wisdom” that we wanted to share with the group, OR simply express verbal appreciation to the group for the wisdom and comaraderie shared!

Diane Hochman and Joe Schroeder were the hosts, “m.c.’s” and wisdom sharers predominantly, with various members established in  the marketing world were often called upon for opinion and advice or thoughts and input.

I could FEEL my PROSPERITY IQ elevate and expand each week as a result.

Many of the members still keep in touch via facebook today.

Here are five valuable benefits of investing in a wisdom mastermind group membership:


  • Participating will increase your “wisdom consciousness”
  • You’ll make new friends, possibly lifetime friendships, and expand your network
  • There’s great “psychological comfort” in developing relationships with wisdom lovers
  • Your confidence will  begin to strengthen and elevate
  • Your self image will definitely strengthen
  • Your clarity will increase as your precious mind is “constantly indoctrinated with wisdom principles”
  • Your appreciation for prosperity and it’s true definition will solidify
  • Your behavior patterns will evolve for the better
  • Your mindset will shift to an abundance mindset, from mediocrity or poverty
  • If you already have an abundance mindset and are living from it, you’ll attract more abundant friendships and better quality of opportunities.
  • your diet will improve
  • you discover more wisdom and inspiring book recommendations
  • what you begin to notice and attempt will be based on wisdom shared or wisdom brought forth from within
  • you’ll begin to experience a “knowing and a seeing” of prosperity and abundance oriented truths!
  • your beingness; your “innate divinity” is group honored and respected; it IS the basis of “the priceless wisdom” shared!


There’s more than five benefits listed, and all are very true and very REAL.

Pick five that peek your current consciousness growth needs, and come back again to re-read this post. I’ll add more as I can write them out. If you do this intentionally you’ll be setting yourself up for numerous victories in future days!

come back and pick some new wisdom insights to focus on!

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****If you would like to join me in my current wisdom group, you can register here:

I’ve been studying with Tai for a few months now, and for a mere five bucks a month, you can grow in wisdom too.

It’s called the “5 Minute Millionaire Money Mentor Program”

Tai Lopez has made millions online and offline, growing buisnesses, teaching people to be entrepreneurs, has done a Ted Talk that went viral, has millions of followers on social media, developed niche content programs for buisness building, etc

Tai is very very qualified to mentor us, and I think equally as important,
has a passion to educate where schools, colleges and universities come up short on teaching “wealth and buisness building”

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