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Spiritual Pioneer Leverage

March 23, 2019

IMAGINE THIS:  you’re doing treadmill; psychological treadmill, and locked in your own brain!

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Increments in progress are small, or non-existent, at first, then your read a few enlightening books and you feel like your gaining ground, but, ~ you’re in “emotional quicksand”..

you’re current left brain analysis says: “closed loop”. The right brain goes: expectation broken again, (dam it)!

Sounds like a “living hell” doesn’t it?  That was definite “lack consciousness”; this was a “snapshot” ~ a moment of time at any given moment, of my old mindset..

I thought I was like a serene duck floating in a gentle pond, but paddling like a determined athlete, just a few hundred yards from the edge of Niagara Falls, trying to go upstream and to shore.

Now, IMAGINE THIS: You are proficient at the proper use of the laws of the mind.

You are versed and somewhat adept at the proper use in applying the dynamic laws of prosperity.

~ you bless the stillness often

~ you tithe regularly

~ you activate the law of circulation with more and more proficiency.

~ you create vacuums for prosperity in your mind, by releasing resentment, envie, and all it’s impoverished siblings of dark emotions, and invite in love, joy, serenity, peace, creativity, positive constructive imaginations, integrity, boldness, audacity, courage..

~  you begin to re-experience inner wholeness vs experiencing limitation at the expense of your inner wholeness.


Now, your focus is on being and becoming the original blessing that your creator intended you to be, there’s no undeservingness, no superiority, no inferiority, no egoic constraining of self. Now you harness your ego for good! (Credit to Randy Gage, my prosperity coach, for this notion and virtue of role modelling)

You’ve done a one eighty in focus, emotion management, self esteem and self respect. You celebrate prosperity ~ everyone’s ~ instead of worshiping prosperity, from an “I don’t deserve that kind of goodness in my life” paradigm.

It takes courage to be a spiritual pioneer, and the rewards are magnificent. 

When the mind shifts to the infinite, to your inner champion, you leverage your mind power through reprogramming it with beliefs that serve you.

Each of us has to do our own inner work, to “allow” our prosperity to unfold. When we leverage our curiosity about the mind/body/spirit connection and our own potential, then we walk on holy ground; we commune with the infinite.

It takes courage, courage to get curious and explore the cause and effect of thought and action.

It takes courage to be willing to see with the hearts mind, vs the physical mind. It takes courage to optimize your prosperity potential vs settling for the status quo of beliefs. It takes courage to believe to see vs seeing to believe.

When we change our beliefs to beliefs that serve us, then we leverage the prospering power of the mind.

So where are you in the self evolution mystery? When was the last time you really, really challenged your old paradigms? Is your dream big enough to make your fears look small? The universe gives to you through your senses everyday, every moment of wakened life. Are you receiving this, and appreciating the universe for it’s lavish generosity?

In the next post we’ll look at how you can change your beliefs, like you change your shoes. In the time before that new blog post, please comment below where you stand with the divine process of self direction, and understanding of the prospering powers of the mind.

I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks in advance for your input!

~ Peter Horrill, of Horrill Enterprises

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Prosperity Fills a Vacuum

March 17, 2019

The level of Prosperity I’m experiencing currently, could not have come into existence at the time of this writing, without intentionality. I thank my creator abundantly & profusely for it; and I want this post to help someone, somewhere understand prosperity consciousness, and attracting it, is a process and a conscious intention. Prosperity is no accident.

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One of the first Prosperity laws I studied and applied, is the vacuum law of prosperity.
Here’s some metaphors to help you get the gist of it..

~ Footprints in the sand at the ocean waters edge quickly fill in as nature abhors a vacuum.

~ spaces in highway traffic quickly fill in as rush hour approaches also since nature – through human nature – abhors a vacuum.

~ church pews, stadium stands & restaurant seats fill up, when there’s events happening.
restaurants owners capitalize on our feeding habits and the good ones host events like corporate, home buisness or family events suit the ambiance provided..

you get the picture..

and since the mind is an instrument for prosperity or poverty, if poverty thoughts, beliefs and feelings are present, prosperity thoughts, beliefs and feelings cannot reside there.

We have to apply the “Vacuum Law of Prosperity”, and release those old “non-prosperous” beliefs to create a vacuum in your mind, to allow the universe to fill this vacuum with good.

Uprooting these old beliefs can be challenging; those they are more easily identified within consciousness as “prosperity blockages”.

Release these beliefs creating the blockages and you attract more prosperity magnetically, through the law of radiation; you’ll radiate more prosperity!

The process is challenging while the principal of it is simple; it’s spiritual economics.

To learn more about the dynamic laws of prosperity I recommend the book by Catherine Ponder which uses this phraseology as it’s title.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

This is  been an invaluable book addition to my library for me. It’s an accurate manifesto of each of the Laws of Prosperity, with examples given of their contextual use to help us understand each law more effectively.

The return on investment is quite remarkable, providing you do the inner work required to release the old beliefs and adopt new more empowering prosperous beliefs.

Let’s explore more prosperity laws together in future posts here on this blog. If you can realize a reverence for these laws, and the consciousness you can attract through them, it going to really help the process of attracting prosperity in your life.

Thankyou for reading this. If you like this content, please show it some love and share it with your community!

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