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Inviting Einstein

March 30, 2018

When I was locked into my brain, I didn’t understand “the spirit of allness”; it was “lack consciousness”, and it wasn’t comfortable.

Our natural urge is to expand, thrive and prosper. When you learned to function in your dysfunction, thoughts of expanding, thriving or prospering, don’t cross your mind.

The world FEELS FLAT, even though you know it’s round. There’s no sunshine; it’s cloudy.

The polar opposite is a sunshiny world, happy happy, joy and bliss. Total functionality.

The spirit of “allness” prevails through health, connection, optimism, hope, prayer and spirituality. It becomes a wonderful filter of perception that displaces the filter of perception that life is one dimensional, and the world is flat.

We have to aquire the skill of communing with the infinite; with God, with Einstein, with Lincoln, with Hill. Whomever you aspire to for wisdom that’s living or passed; it all comprises the Allness of Infinite Wisdom!

I love that!  As we align with the “divine process”, we expand infinite mind!

Our greatest strength and weakness is our resourcefullness. Our greatest resource is Infinite Intelligence or Divine Mind. Many think of it as God, Cosmic Consciousness, SuperConsciousness, or just simply Allness.

In the beginning there was Allness; the spirit. Everything evolved out of that.

God confidence trumps Self confidence, as it’s the source of Allness.

~ the spirit of allness reference is based on the work of Eric Butterworth, and his videos on youtube.

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